Biker Activities

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  • I3ells (22M/Evesham, England - Worcestershire)


    Nice long bike ride with a side order of riding off into the sunset. There's nothing quite like it.

  • cjb3072 (42W/Manchester, NH)


    Drinks, riding, anything casual.

  • oxnard (51M/Arcadia, CA)


    We would ride the Pacific coast Highway all the way to Mandelay Beach Stop at my favorite seafood restaurant, sip on some wine and head in to my place on the beach.

  • StLouisRider (46M/Saint Louis, MO)


    I'm am open to about anything as long as we have fun.

  • Be cool to meet at a mutual standing like at a bar/coffee place near to the river followed by a bike ride :p

  • sugerbrown10 (50W/Mesa, AZ)


    fun different but real im opened for sugestions

  • AquariusTrikeGal (56W/Fayetteville, TN)


    Meet for a ride in the country, stop along the way for nice lunch, maybe join other bikers, possibly have a drink before saying good night:)

  • harleyriderchas (42M/Charleston, SC)


    lets go riding and have fun in charleston or myrtle beach south carolina

  • Pas een groentje op de motor and sooooooo willing to learn. Hoef ik mij geen gps aan te schaffen :-)

  • onedimple (46W/Gold Coast, Queensland)


    pick good day,weatherwise,meet somewhere,go for something to drink &or eat,then go for motorcycle ride!

  • motoman1973 (40M/Ripley, MS)


    maybe sumthin to eat then take a lil ride to sumwhere ,,maybe a bikenight or sumthin close to that lol!

  • taylormade2013 (46W/brisbane, Queensland)



  • BikerBarbi2013 (49W/Fort Lauderdale, FL)


    Take a little ride to go see some live music and have a few beers as we get to know each other.

  • Dannycarrots (52M/Santa Monica, CA)


    A ride down the city with my partner at my back

  • ghostrider449 (65M/Williamstown, NJ)


    go for a nice ride to any where and no where just ride the open road for the day nad stop at some where and have something to eat