First Date Ideas

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  • dobermanchic ( 57 / W / Union City, IN )

    Get to know each other, go somewhere have fun and figure it out. Looking for someone to be real with.

  • mustangtrax ( 55 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Ride, ride, ride. I very seldom turn down an offer to ride. I have my own bike and can hold my own with seasoned riders. However, I also enjoy riding behind a man. I still feel like a new rider after only gripping the ba...  read more>>

  • Fanny1957 ( 58 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    A ride on the Harley, no doubt. Dinner in a quiet spot drinks perhaps.

  • WildatHeart2000 ( 58 / W / Belvidere, IL )

    My first date...let's see.....maybe a nice ride and a dinner. Or maybe a stroll in the park.

  • robrae ( 61 / W / Long Beach, CA )

    Ride down the coast, I love being by the water. Stop and find a live band, love the blues.Grab a burger and a beer.And let the good times roll!

  • capricornlady ( 59 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    Go out for a coffee or a drink talk and maybe go to dinner and then out dancing some place if they like and want to dance.

  • LadiHDrider ( 41 / W / Sioux Falls, SD )

    Ride... Duh! LOL! Um seriously, ride to a campfire for two, dancing in the rain or somewhere for dinner, or park to walk, or for coffee. I dont like to feel pressured into doing anything, so the first date, I think shoul...  read more>>

  • exclusivelys ( 60 / W / West Palm Beach, FL )

    where ever the wind takes us, riding the Harley. Outside anywhere

  • 1ca_gem ( 58 / W / Chico, CA )

    Going for a nice ride...........or a meet n greet to see if the chemistry is there.

  • retirednurse ( 53 / W / Rohnert Park, CA )

    Lets go listen to some live music

  • Jbellport ( 71 / W / Bellport, NY )

    Hi. My name is Judy, and I am a retired High School science teacher which is in my bio. The restaurant I mentioned above is a wonderful place with great food and wonderful waiters. To meet for the first time, I would sug...  read more>>

  • JamesOaks ( 60 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    some where nice where know one will bother us

  • silvereagle09 ( 54 / M / Plainfield, IL )

    My first date would be to meet some afternoon for coffee or lunch and get to know each other after that we might like to take a ride into the sun

  • Traveler2015 ( 50 / W / Georgetown, MA )

    Just go to a social place and talk get to know one another...

  • GYPSYRUM ( 60 / W / Broussard, LA )

    Just looking for an honest hard riding nice looking guy...