First Date Ideas

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  • RealMate ( 48 / W / Goondiwindi, Queensland )

    What ever suits us at the time .

  • SchoolGirl007 ( 54 / W / Chippewa Falls, WI )

    Feeling the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, riding the bike with my Best friend/Lover!!!

  • CountryLady ( 50 / W / Walhalla, SC )

    My first Date would be a ride in the Mountains or country a picnic by tthe falls talking, laughing and enjoying the time we have.

  • Devihd ( 57 / W / Charlottesville, VA )

    A nice all day easy ride, winding back roads, taking frequent stops to talk, finished up with a nice dinner somewhere.

  • guardian68 ( 48 / M / Flemington, NJ )

    Casual meeting somewhere fun, where we could talk

  • sunsetrider7 ( 53 / W / London, ON )

    Just impress me. dinner and a walk, play pool, don't be afraid to say something nice, share a little, just be you so I can be me. : )

  • JeaneDreamer ( 63 / W / Covington, GA )

    Meet and see if there's any sparks. If there is, make plans for a long ride on a country road and go from there.

  • bearslayer1 ( 63 / M / Chocowinity, NC )

    Take one of the bikes to Nagshead. Do Basnights for dinner. Talk out on the as the sunsets.

  • bluerider737 ( 63 / M / Mobile, AL )

    A ride on along the coast on our bikes to a place that is chosen along the way.

  • Tan10Toes ( 50 / W / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )

    I'm easy going and I enjoy simple pleasures. I would like to meet up for Sunday morning breakfast, afterwards take a ride...wherever the wind blows us, really enjoying mile at a time.

  • TattooG ( 64 / W / Grant, MI )

    Something simple like a leisurely scenic motorcycle ride in the country on a sunny day, lots of talking & smiling, stopping for frequent walks to stretch out the kinks, getting a bite to eat & doing a lot of talking, may...  read more >>

  • maf1969 ( 66 / M / Highland, CA )

    Meet somewhere during the day in public, for a cup of coffee, some conversation, then go for a motorcycle ride anywhere and enjoy the scenery together.

  • danielecraigd ( 59 / M / Grand Junction, CO )

    A walk down Main street instead of a ride so we can talk. If that goes well, Lunch or dinner.

  • daveorlfl ( 59 / M / Haines City, FL )

    Can it be just us have a good time riding!

  • sparky772000 ( 57 / W / Roscommon, MI )

    A phone date first and then a ride to meet some place cool and public like a state park where there is a monument or natural feature to gaze at!