Random Nighttime Activities

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  • mcyclegal ( 48W / Sod, WV )


    just to go out for a drink, or just a ride, doesnt really matter to me...

  • milwvibe ( 51M / Jackson, MO )


    A nice dinner and take in a movie. Or take a nice ride and have a picnic.

  • windinherhair ( 49W / Battle Ground, WA )


    To skip all the bull and drama and just remember its only us and there is nothing but, right now!

  • blueeyes4ever ( 48W / Verdun, QC )


    to be determined between both of us i like adventure so keep it fun

  • SassyAss43 ( 46W / Winnipeg, MB )


    Candlelight dinner, get to know each other, go for a walk on a quiet beach and watch the sunset.

  • KellyRN62 ( 51W / Mokena, IL )


    Open for just about anything, Dinner or a sports bar for beers and a Blackhawk game

  • Tigereyes11 ( 63W / Beaverton, OR )


    Share a coffee at the park. Ride to where ever. Pool or Sports Bar event. Love my Ducks

  • Curt_P ( 52M / Williamsport, PA )


    Dinner, drinks......nice long summer ride......... see where it takes us.........

  • nana53 ( 56W / Fort Wayne, IN )


    Just riding, dinner or movie. what ever we decide.

  • lildevil2177 ( 37W / Newport, AR )


    Well to start just meet somewhere where can talk and get to know each other a lil bit.

  • gypsy1973 ( 40M / Charlotte, NC )


    when you meet me we will go out to dinner then a clean social club and if it snows have a snow ball fight lol or goto your place & play strip poker- dont worry i always end up loosen lol if its summer spring or fall we'l  more>>

  • MagicRat ( 42M / Willow Grove, PA )


    Going for a ride someplace cool, dinner & making out!

  • biker4u2001 ( 45M / Cascade, VA )


    Meet some where and get know each other Maybe a drink if not on the bike,maybe dinner dancing. You. Know you have to start some where.

  • linetrash2000 ( 36M / Marion Center, PA )


    A nice dinner or something quiet.

  • TXBikerAngel ( 49W / Conroe, TX )


    My dating styles vary by circumstance. This would be best decided mutually