Random Nighttime Activities

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  • yugten ( 51M / Tucson, AZ )


    Ride around town and find the best draft beer and pizza....

  • readytoroll2002 ( 54W / Manitowoc, WI )


    talk and get to know each other , first

  • nancydarlene ( 50W / Knoxville, TN )


    Nice walk on the beach! I love riding on the back of a Harley! I love an honest man anytime I love surprises from my man!! I do respect a man in every way on a date or any other time. I was raised this way and I can't ch  more>>

  • CosbyStong ( 45W / Austin, TX )


    A nice ride in this beautiful weather topping off with live music and getting to know one another.

  • roa1970 ( 44M / Winston Salem, NC )


    go out and have a good meal and see where it goes from there

  • Ratchet2324 ( 26W / Oxford, OH )


    I'm always up for something fun. I like shooting pool, so dinner, drinks and pool sound good to me. I live in a rural area, so maybe cruising around too. I'm a real laid back, go with the flow type person, so I'm really  more>>

  • prozac39666 ( 54W / Summit, MS )


    Some just us time to share our stories...because everyone has one

  • manelong ( 36M / Tuscaloosa, AL )


    something exotic fun and full of laughter may be right out on the bikes or whatever comes to mind yeah I'm while and I need someone to keep up

  • Bigkuntry28 ( 29M / Petersburg, TN )


    I don't plan I just do... All I can say is if you ain't spontaneous you prolly won't like me

  • wild13heart ( 30W / Palmerton, PA )


    Sitting around a bon fire enjoying some drinks and getting to know one another. You in?

  • gree20032000 ( 47W / Harleton, TX )


    How about a casual setting where there is a live band, steaks,cold beer and pool just to break the ice?

  • babydave ( 43M / Birmingham, England - Warwickshire )


    I haven't got a favourite date location. it would depend on your interests and hobbies as much as mine

  • SherryBaby1201 ( 42W / Taunton, MA )


    Go for a ride and maybe dinner or a coolatta. Keep it simple but somewhere where we could talk and get to know each other.

  • Ronnylynne ( 53W / Barrie, ON )


    Anywhere that comes highly recommended..!!

  • woman77 ( 37W / San Mateo, CA )


    My first date idea? Sorry...I just want one of you to grab me up, take me somewhere fun & well, you know...