Playing sports / Games

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  • MandyToo (42W/Cape Town, Western Cape)


    How about a game of pool at Stones?

  • ironhorseeric (46M/Troy, OH)


    just get to know each other and maybe go for a ride. see if we hit it off and go from there, if you can't talk to someone you are not going to be interested in them.

  • ladyrider77 (45W/Merced, CA)


    My first date should be casual and maybe over coffee or a drink. Maybe even go on a nature hike. Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other with no pressure. This way we can part in case there are no good vibs....i  more>>

  • monica07 (41W/Tallahassee, FL)


    my first date was riding on my boy's bike on beach

  • rod20182000 (58M/Palmdale, CA)


    Go for a ride to Newcoms Ranch, have a few and then hit it!

  • BLUEEYES17INJAX (59M/Jacksonville, FL)


    Actually I am very easy to please , an it is as much your date as it is mone ,, sooooo lets just go have some fun ,,a lite dinner maybe a glass of wine ,,