Live Music / Concerts My favorite date ideas

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  • Kookie2000 ( 50W / Benton, AR )


    Have a great dinner an go for a ride on your bike

  • sunshine2078 ( 59W / Wiggins, MS )


    How about a phone call. Meet, doesn't matter where to me. I try to stay away from eating. It's just mandatory..Ha..Get to know each other. Have a few beers. Dance. Ride. Laugh.

  • southerngal2011 ( 38W / Conway, SC )


    going to get a bite to eat, and then walking on the beach. Maybe taking a ride!!!!

  • Mysticgypsy ( 51W / Lawrenceville, GA )


    I like the first date to be out in a crowd. Starting with dinner maybe trying something that the other hasn't ever tried before...Then off to Karaoke... weather you can sing or not!!!!

  • KittyKat7769 ( 48W / Rapids City, IL )


    A first date idea, hmmm. Interesting concept. I guess dinner and/or maybe drinks would be nice. See a live band afterwards. Maybe even some dancing. Not that slow, waltzy, ballroom stuff. I love to rock n roll.

  • rikkifin2000 ( 54M / Phoenix, AZ )


    No expectations. Just relax. I don't need to IMPRESS anyone. Nor should you. We like what what we like. Maybe it will workout. Walkaway as friends. NO PRESSURE.

  • Jaxbiker1 ( 44M / Jacksonville, FL )


    Rent mopeds and ride through the avenues mall teasing mall cops, rob a bank, dress up in pajamas and go bar hopping in the town center. Im sure we will figure it out.

  • scottalmand48 ( 52M / Granbury, TX )


    I would like to meet a woman (anywhere really) and go for a ride or to dinner, or drinks, or both, what ever happens after that I guess we will see.

  • skarocker ( 52M / London, England - London )


    Something simple to see if we get on.

  • Cppperhead ( 61M / Citrus Heights, CA )


    Let's take a ride and have coffee somewhere or lunch

  • sagitariusman ( 40M / Hesperia, CA )


    Hows about dinner and some live music?

  • letsride6293 ( 54M / Verona, NJ )


    coffee bike run lunch and a jump in a lake dinner movie and a nap. all in that order

  • shootingstar81 ( 45M / Chicago, IL )


    Take a ride, talk a bit and see where it takes us

  • Niesie ( 55W / Jackson, CA )


    A great first date, is meeting and just getting to know each other...:)

  • swtazzgagrl69 ( 45W / Adrian, GA )


    Dinner, movie, concert.....I'm open to all ideas for a first date