Sightseeing My favorite date ideas

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  • hdmike2011 ( 60M / Alfred, ON )


    Cafee Anywhere will do ! For More ? Will have to ask FaT BoB ! LoL !!!

  • rollwithme311 ( 54W / Effie, LA )


    Lets plan it together-go riding to sightsee, talking and laughter-Take me out to eat, the more time we spend together the more we will see if we click

  • ericmt ( 45M / Middleboro, MA )


    For a first date, I think dinner someplace in plymouth center. Where we could talk. After dinner take a walk out on the jetti. Maybe get a Ice cream for desert.

  • diesel62 ( 53M / Newark, DE )


    a nice ride in the country.or what ever.we will be in to ideas if you don't like my idea.

  • JesiBJ ( 62W / Fayetteville, AR )


    Hello. How are you? I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Barb, but a lot of my friends call me Jesi, so either is fine. First dates are exciting, huh? Keep them easy, like a trip to the state park, a bike ride, check  more>>

  • freebird61461 ( 54W / Fayetteville, NC )


    My idea of a first date is to meet somewhere and have a drink, or cup of coffee....Better yet jump on our bikes and go riding.

  • Geminirider61469 ( 45W / Ava, NY )


    First meeting - casual, talk see if we "fit" First date (and all future dates) - includes the bike. Everything else will fall into place! I truly believe it doesn't matter where you go or what you do, what matters is who  more>>

  • hdgirl2005 ( 55W / Hudson, MA )


    Go for a ride on the bike and stop somewehere for dinner and a drink and watch the sun set on our way back home. Then dessert each other mmmmmmmmmmm

  • missmissy2010 ( 44W / Lynchburg, VA )


    first date: dont have to do anything specail just spending time with the person is enough for me.. I'm a cheap date (lol)

  • Its_the_Journey ( 52M / Port Perry, ON )


    Go for a ride, stop and have lunch/dinner on a patio.

  • Pocahontas420 ( 36W / Westland, MI )


    Romantic morning or evening ride on Hines Dr.

  • calilady ( 50W / Woodland, CA )


    My ideal date. A walk on the beach and share a bottle of wine. How about coffee and great conversation.

  • bigdogd1 ( 62M / Fredericksburg, VA )


    I am open to meeting for coffee, or lunch, or anything decided by the two of us, no problem meeting anywhere.

  • freedomhorse ( 46W / Cameron Mills, NY )


    Looking for friends in my local area to share rides with as well as having fun sharing each others interest on and off of the bikes.

  • Mogadad62 ( 67M / Mogadore, OH )


    Just ride and see this beautiful country. Show me your favorite places and I'll share mine