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  • Ladyrider2033 ( 57 / W / Huntsville, ON )

    Meet at Tims, go for a ride through the park (when its not under construction LOL) or down 35, beautiful ride/ Love to ride all the way around the park the northern run is beautiful. Camping is wonderful and biking and c...  read more >>

  • sskiddftf ( 39 / M / Rockholds, KY )

    we willgo 4 a ride by the falls and have a meal & then go walk around some of the attractions .Hopefully by then we will know if we want to go further.

  • Henrygreg ( 53 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Have a candlelight dinner and take a walk to the bitch.

  • Frenchangel2011 ( 38 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    I would love to go on a bike ride to a nice candle light dinner and then take a walk along the beach holding hands,

  • rebelgirl74 ( 43 / W / Monroe, MI )

    I guess it would depend on whats going on if there is a rally going on we could go there, or lunch after or before a bike ride, just riding around sightseeing, going to visit friends all depends

  • texasgirl0601 ( 52 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Dinner, drinks, conversation and a nIce long ride.

  • koikichi ( 60 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    First dates can be so awkward, something to "do" like wander through Riverside Art Market or a Flea market would give us plenty of opportunities to get to know each other's likes and dislikes. Grab a bite to ea...  read more >>

  • maxwell2005 ( 49 / M / Fontana, CA )

    Don't mater as long as we are having fun right!!

  • Ghostrider2049 ( 52 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Commune with nature. I will take her to a more natural setting for the important first date. I will find out if she likes nature, and if she can handle getting sand between her toes. We can go to a park and pack a picnic...  read more >>

  • softailtim ( 43 / M / Watchung, NJ )

    Meet somewhere on the road at a place where we could have a coffee or a drink then hop on our bikes & go to the beach. walk around & enjoy eachother's conversation & getting to know eachother, or ride to somewhere like t...  read more >>

  • sunsettami ( 54 / W / Dixon, IL )

    i will leave that up to the both of us...have a great long talk,get to know eachother.then go from there

  • scooterboy_46 ( 57 / M / Owatonna, MN )

    I think it would depend on the weather. I mean this IS Minnesota! Spring,summer,fall go ridin of course. Winter, shoot some pool play darts, even some guitar hero would be cool!

  • csrwsc3 ( 49 / M / Boulder, CO )

    Meet somewhere casual for drinks & then take a nice ride on the open road.

  • growoldwithme ( 59 / M / Wales, MA )

    a cocktail on a restaurant deck by a lake or the ocean to calm the nerves would be good

  • BuckeyeBabe ( 54 / W / Ravenna, OH )

    A first date would happen only after talking on the phone and getting to know each other! Then if we decide we would like to get together, And that would of course be a bike ride! Wouldn't matter where, just jump on and...  read more >>