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  • mowman68 ( 53 / M / Gouldsboro, PA )

    my first date idea? meet for coffee or a beer depending on the time of day it is. maybe go for a walk or a ride. talk and get to know one another and take it from there

  • Ladyrider2033 ( 57 / W / Huntsville, ON )

    Meet at Tims, go for a ride through the park (when its not under construction LOL) or down 35, beautiful ride/ Love to ride all the way around the park the northern run is beautiful. Camping is wonderful and biking and c...  read more >>

  • sskiddftf ( 40 / M / Rockholds, KY )

    we willgo 4 a ride by the falls and have a meal & then go walk around some of the attractions .Hopefully by then we will know if we want to go further.

  • Henrygreg ( 53 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Have a candlelight dinner and take a walk to the bitch.

  • Frenchangel2011 ( 38 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    I would love to go on a bike ride to a nice candle light dinner and then take a walk along the beach holding hands,

  • rebelgirl74 ( 43 / W / Monroe, MI )

    I guess it would depend on whats going on if there is a rally going on we could go there, or lunch after or before a bike ride, just riding around sightseeing, going to visit friends all depends

  • texasgirl0601 ( 52 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Dinner, drinks, conversation and a nIce long ride.

  • koikichi ( 60 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    First dates can be so awkward, something to "do" like wander through Riverside Art Market or a Flea market would give us plenty of opportunities to get to know each other's likes and dislikes. Grab a bite to ea...  read more >>

  • maxwell2005 ( 49 / M / Fontana, CA )

    Don't mater as long as we are having fun right!!

  • Ghostrider2049 ( 52 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Commune with nature. I will take her to a more natural setting for the important first date. I will find out if she likes nature, and if she can handle getting sand between her toes. We can go to a park and pack a picnic...  read more >>

  • softailtim ( 44 / M / Watchung, NJ )

    Meet somewhere on the road at a place where we could have a coffee or a drink then hop on our bikes & go to the beach. walk around & enjoy eachother's conversation & getting to know eachother, or ride to somewhere like t...  read more >>

  • sunsettami ( 54 / W / Dixon, IL )

    i will leave that up to the both of us...have a great long talk,get to know eachother.then go from there

  • scooterboy_46 ( 57 / M / Owatonna, MN )

    I think it would depend on the weather. I mean this IS Minnesota! Spring,summer,fall go ridin of course. Winter, shoot some pool play darts, even some guitar hero would be cool!

  • csrwsc3 ( 49 / M / Boulder, CO )

    Meet somewhere casual for drinks & then take a nice ride on the open road.

  • growoldwithme ( 59 / M / Wales, MA )

    a cocktail on a restaurant deck by a lake or the ocean to calm the nerves would be good