First Date Ideas

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  • flsteveisback ( 49 / M / Lochmere, NH )

    something simple like meet for coffee

  • shyangelwant2fly ( 49 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    I would like to meet where we can talk and not have to shout over loud music. So maybe an afternoon at the zoo... Getting to know the animals in and out of the cages..

  • nwflorida2000 ( 74 / M / Pensacola, FL )

    Coffee/drink, diner, ride and then who knows.

  • ST13MIKE ( 56 / M / Franklinton, NC )

    A nice ride and casual conversation and laughs anywhere the woman is comfortable. I am more interested in meeting new people, riding new areas and keeping it "light". Let's enjoy simplicity!

  • redrider12000 ( 65 / M / Bakersfield, CA )

    Some one who would like to ride with me. Go places just for the fun of it. Who knows what could happen.

  • wzzkid56 ( 59 / M / Seattle, WA )

    Road trip to Mt Rainier, the beach, or ?

  • Destrier53 ( 58 / M / Binghamton, NY )

    A nice ride through the Catskills, stopping for lunch somewhere up in the mountains, maybe ice cream on the way home. Kayaking or canoeing down a stretch of river is a good way to get to know one and other

  • 6springer9 ( 51 / M / Killdeer, ND )

    Where ever I'm at, I like to find the highest point in the area, be it a building or a hill or a mountain, this is always a good place to enjoy the view (sunrise or sunset)and a little snack.

  • Pastcha ( 54 / M / New Bedford, MA )

    I enjoy dining out, movies and long rides on a nice day.

  • lotOFfun1 ( 43 / W / Grande Prairie, AB )

    Im a spontaneous kind of girl.. Nothing with adrenaline mind you. lol Anything outdoors would be sweet.

  • mowman68 ( 52 / M / Gouldsboro, PA )

    my first date idea? meet for coffee or a beer depending on the time of day it is. maybe go for a walk or a ride. talk and get to know one another and take it from there

  • Ladyrider2033 ( 55 / W / Huntsville, ON )

    Meet at Tims, go for a ride through the park (when its not under construction LOL) or down 35, beautiful ride/ Love to ride all the way around the park the northern run is beautiful. Camping is wonderful and biking and c...  read more>>

  • sskiddftf ( 38 / M / Rockholds, KY )

    we willgo 4 a ride by the falls and have a meal & then go walk around some of the attractions .Hopefully by then we will know if we want to go further.

  • Henrygreg ( 51 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Have a candlelight dinner and take a walk to the bitch.

  • Frenchangel2011 ( 36 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    I would love to go on a bike ride to a nice candle light dinner and then take a walk along the beach holding hands,