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  • prodical ( 67W / Rankin, TX )


    A Ride, Brunch or Lunch ,small talk. By then one knows if you'll see that person again or not.

  • oahudog ( 65M / Port Hadlock, WA )


    Go for a ride, get a bite and a beer, go for a ride...repeat..:) a public place, of course!

  • roamin ( 60M / Montrose, PA )


    mid morning coffee or walk and talk

  • whitehd86 ( 60M / Tallahassee, FL )


    take a ride on my harley long the coast and stopat a small nice cafe to get some lunch maybe a and just enjoy the day together.

  • Ngtowl ( 56M / Grants Pass, OR )


    Dont want to be so formal, so maybe a ride and have lunch somewhere would be fun

  • Carsnot4me ( 52M / West Valley City, UT )


    A jog, shower and a nice dinner

  • username2013 ( 46W / Colorado Springs, CO )


    I like gormet, but not pricey. I'm happy with hotdogs over n open fire, or steaks. I also like rides and a picinic afterwords. Picinic includes cheese, fruit, crackers or bread, with cold cuts. Maybe some wine or micro b  more>>