Brunch My favorite date ideas

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  • Aladen6 ( 61 / M / Medford Township, NJ )

    Keep it simple over coffee, ride to the beach, boardwalk, picnic lunch in the park.

  • boggiered ( 61 / M / Shawnee, KS )

    Meet some where, we can talk, have a beverage, I want to gaze into your eyes, feel your laungage, I may want to hold your hand, oh boy, tink I better slow down........whew

  • sunnybiker ( 66 / W / London, Kent )

    coffee or a ride out and a cuppa at the end of a ride. Or if its raining just a coffee :-)

  • moonshiner1977 ( 57 / C / Bradley, SC )

    We meet for breakfast or brunch and enjoy some good cooking and laughs as we get to know each other and then hope on the bikes and spend the sun riding here and there! We end up at someones house for a BBQ and fun! Hot t  more>>

  • diakopes ( 50 / W / vancouver, British Columbia )

    meet at a restaurant and have coffee or brunch together. if its nice go for a ride. see if we get along

  • jatavea ( 54 / W / Taneytown, MD )

    We would me at a mutual location for something light to see if the connection was there..If not graciously say our good byes an hopefully remain friends..If it's there we would talk for hours getting to know one another  more>>

  • angelinthmyst ( 52 / W / Merrimack, NH )

    What ever we both feel comfortable with.

  • prodical ( 68 / W / Rankin, TX )

    A Ride, Brunch or Lunch ,small talk. By then one knows if you'll see that person again or not.

  • oahudog ( 66 / M / Port Hadlock, WA )

    Go for a ride, get a bite and a beer, go for a ride...repeat..:) a public place, of course!

  • roamin ( 61 / M / Montrose, PA )

    mid morning coffee or walk and talk

  • RIDEALONE ( 66 / M / Hamilton, OH )

    I am an Independent Contractor so pretty much open. Enjoy open and honest conversation, riding, playing pool, and anything relatively casual.

  • whitehd86 ( 61 / M / Tallahassee, FL )

    take a ride on my harley long the coast and stopat a small nice cafe to get some lunch maybe a and just enjoy the day together.

  • Ngtowl ( 57 / M / Grants Pass, OR )

    Dont want to be so formal, so maybe a ride and have lunch somewhere would be fun

  • Carsnot4me ( 53 / M / West Valley City, UT )

    A jog, shower and a nice dinner

  • username2013 ( 47 / W / Colorado Springs, CO )

    I like gormet, but not pricey. I'm happy with hotdogs over n open fire, or steaks. I also like rides and a picinic afterwords. Picinic includes cheese, fruit, crackers or bread, with cold cuts. Maybe some wine or micro b  more>>