First Date Ideas

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  • peacelady ( 61 / W / Colorado Springs, CO )

    A ride on the bike and alot of getting to know each other then maybe coffee or drink.

  • kotrhd ( 74 / M / Portland, OR )

    meet and ride to waterfront park for a walk, a boat ride, some brunch and get to know more about each other; and/or a ride around Mount Hood.

  • campingdude ( 47 / M / Central City, CO )

    Well i first like to meet for coffee or tea, a walk in the park is always nice too or perhaps bowling

  • Chevy57 ( 56 / W / Miller Place, NY )

    Casual walk in the park or beach

  • jodytx ( 60 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    Meet up for a bit of beverage and talk. Go for a walk or maybe go for a short ride for first meet.

  • fossilhog ( 53 / M / Wallingford, CT )

    Outdoors, by water, good food, sunshine. A beach? Lake? Maybe a ride if we feel like it.

  • kentri ( 64 / W / Mesa, AZ )

    So many wonderful thoughts..."U" choose...

  • bubbly1951 ( 64 / W / Groton, CT )

    Let's take a walk on the New London Boardwalk, get to know each other and see where it will go from there. Time is a wasting.

  • born_again_rider ( 59 / W / Peterborough, ON )

    Love exploring the outdoors and allows for good conversation along the way.

  • lynx449 ( 57 / M / Windsor, CO )

    I would like to go for a walk in a quiet area where we can just talk. We could get a take out coffee or ice cream cone at a public place and then decide where to go from there. It maybe a walk on the beach or under the s...  read more>>

  • Sledgurl ( 43 / W / Everett, WA )

    Gun Range, walking, fishing, riding, golf, chilling at a bar and grill, concert, lazer light show, picnic, bowling,..anything fun, where we could talk. :)

  • lonewolf9 ( 64 / M / Geneva, OH )

    Just get together for coffee or a drink, maybe meet at the lake and walk and talk.....

  • Beadwings ( 56 / W / West Richland, WA )

    The word "date" is a bit old fashioned and weird. Just initially meeting would be fun.

  • BETHKISS ( 48 / W / Highland Springs, VA )

    Pick me up on your bike, we ride to the beach or mountains . Walk and talk some and get to know each other. We both feel the chemistry of our souls connections. We kiss and we get lost in the moment ........ I know my so...  read more>>

  • ninena ( 58 / W / Drakesboro, KY )

    We would meet to chat to get to know one another.