First Date Ideas

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  • 1prttyLady ( 55 / W / Modesto, CA )

    Going to a festival or farmers market and riding through the country.

  • StreetGlydr ( 46 / M / Jenison, MI )

    For me, a first date is normally a "getting to know you" date and can be a time for us to learn quite a bit about each other just from a few hours together. I prefer to get together for a casual meal or appetiz...  read more>>

  • Har_Li_Cruiser ( 45 / M / San Lorenzo, CA )

    First dates for me would have to be something casual and fun. Coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner, walk on the beach, go carting. Anything that doesn't make us feel uncomfortable.

  • VictorHarley64 ( 51 / M / Melrose Park, IL )

    Depending on the weather or situation maybe a nice ride to an outdoor bar on the water somewhere. I'd like to go see bands I'm a classic rock guy so various bands are around to listen to. Maybe a comedy club to get some...  read more>>

  • Alpineglow ( 47 / W / Garfield, NJ )

    Meet, take a ride and then take it from there...

  • Clarissa30 ( 31 / W / Monroe, LA )

    Maybe dinner and a movie or a nice bonfire maybe grill and cuddle up on the couch with a good movie.

  • amushasha82 ( 50 / M / Brimfield, IL )

    Hmm..I will probably want to have a three-course dinner

  • Bluesgirl07 ( 53 / W / Schenectady, NY )

    I like riding around, taking in the scenery and having a laugh while doing so.

  • havenfun ( 45 / W / West, TX )

    grab lunch and drinks then do whatever

  • Borne2ridewitu ( 44 / W / Eastpointe, MI )

    Dating Idea: To just meet somewhere to talk and see where it goes from there.

  • selfpursuit ( 45 / M / Spring, TX )

    A ride? A museum? A ride to a museum? Or coffee... Or boba.. Probly that, and plan the next encounter.

  • oldschool2027 ( 41 / M / East Prairie, MO )

    Wing it. Whatever happens, "Let the rough side drag." lol

  • Deanmimal67 ( 36 / W / Bakersfield, CA )

    Meet for coffee, a drink, or lunch. Something casual low-key and public where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • foxzkat ( 47 / W / Princeton, MN )

    I love the beach and I love spontaneous!

  • PaulyGuacamoly ( 46 / M / Stockholm, NJ )

    Don't care where. Care for whom with and the quality we have together. Your mind set is important to me, beyond physical atraction