First Date Ideas

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  • 2wheelswinger ( 66 / M / Kitchener, ON )

    Coffee, or breakfast, at local restaurant, or you pick, we get to know each other, and go from there,

  • Row2Kbike ( 22 / W / Ventura, CA )

    I think grabbing a coffee or a drink is a go to for a first date. Its less pressure and is usually a good way to get to know someone. If we get along, we can extend to dinner and if we don't get along... Then it was only...  read more >>

  • Tims_myth ( 57 / M / Elk City, OK )

    meet in public, see if we like each other or whatever

  • Monkeygirl66 ( 50 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Depends on circumstances. Maybe a coffee or a drink!

  • VultureFXDB ( 54 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    I don't much care so long as it's relaxed, informal and a place to just sit, talk and enjoy.

  • AlexS66 ( 51 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Something casual and relaxed, a place to talk but safe enough to leave a car should the "need to ride" become the main topic of discussion. I'm definitely in it for the ride, destinations are optional.

  • timeforme2fly ( 52 / W / Bartow, FL )

    Just some nice place where we can talk and see if we like each other then see where it goes from there....

  • Junker2000 ( 62 / M / Kansas City, MO )

    Meet somewhere for coffee and conversation.

  • Caroly ( 36 / W / Lake Zurich, IL )

    Coffee is enough for me but before that getting to know is what i love most and we taking it from there

  • Patti60 ( 60 / W / Piscataway, NJ )


  • Sweetcheeks1401 ( 47 / W / Metford, New South Wales )

    lets meet at a café or coffee shop, have a coffee and get to know each other

  • SeasonedRider ( 53 / M / Edmonton, AB )

    Something simple, coffee or drink at initial meetup, if there is a spark, we can then go for a walk at a park and get to know each other a little further!!

  • Dreetje ( 53 / W / Ilford, England - London )

    Just somewhere to meet up for a chat.... If I like you, then you can meet my motorcycle too! 🏍💨

  • Emptynester2 ( 58 / M / San Jose, CA )

    I think meeting for the first time is best for both parties, if it is casual and quiet, so we can talk.

  • DeadheadLisa ( 43 / W / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    First date would need to be something ultra casual and not too time consuming. That way we can both see if theres a comfort level right away and if not end the date and move on. If so, well, we can certainly decide on so...  read more >>