First Date Ideas

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  • azroadking2000 ( 60 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    Riding of course! Favorite short run, Sonoita or Tombstone

  • southern_ugamom ( 48 / W / Dallas, GA )

    I Choose this location because we could talk laugh and be our self's Without any strings attached. And also see if there is a connection.

  • 4Prosales ( 56 / M / Pasadena, MD )

    Brunch on the Chesapeake Bay in the Historic Annaplois area would be a Great place to meet my future BFF 😎

  • aj71371 ( 46 / M / Middletown, NJ )

    A light dinner or lunch, slow cruise on the bike, or takin a walk in the park or Boardwalk - she's the boss.

  • Morghana2000 ( 66 / W / San Diego, CA )

    My most favorite thing to do is cruise the beach, have a late lunch and sit on the sea wall.Talk or not ..just enjoy each others company and watch the sunset.

  • youn2004 ( 54 / M / Laguna Hills, CA )

    The first meeting is the most important, brunch is a great way to meet someone for the first time as is provides a comfortable environment to get to know each other and decide is you would like to see that person again.

  • girlrider7153 ( 55 / W / Branson, MO )

    Talking over a nice meal just getting to know each other.

  • peteradinso101 ( 48 / M / Dandridge, TN )

    It was fun but it's a pity she's no more,now I'm willing to move and start a new family with my "THE ONE"...Is it you?

  • tina53 ( 55 / W / Stockholm, NJ )

    lets go lol foe a nice long ride and see what happens

  • HDGRMA ( 59 / W / Winter Garden, FL )

    I would love to meet for brunch,and if our date goes really well, then we have the rest of the day to enjoy and continue getting to know each other.

  • Kahonny ( 49 / M / Winthrop, ME )

    Breakfast would be my first choice.

  • Hippiechic4u ( 51 / W / Eugene, OR )

    I would like to meet for brunch and maybe a glass of wine at local Red Robin and get to know each other. If all goes well then go do something fun and enjoy each others company.

  • dg4324 ( 55 / W / Seguin, TX )

    Let's get to know each other first. Riding has its many risks. Gotta be sure we feel confident, safe, and secure with each other.

  • LeadRFollow ( 72 / M / Mount Dora, FL )

    Meet for brunch with some nice conversation followed by an easy backroads ride to and along the beach with a stop for a nice iced tea and look at you and the ocean.

  • HarleyQuinn13 ( 30 / W / Milton, FL )

    Go someplace for coffee... Where we could talk. Or go out for drinks at night.