First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas
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  • labrat7 ( 61 / M / Kenmore, WA )

    We meet up, take off up a winding road, stop for lunch at some roadside café, talk for a bit, jump back on the bikes and ride back to a nice neutral place, where we continue to talk and get to know each other.

  • lovestoride2020 ( 44 / W / Brookpark, OH )

    A long bike ride.Dinner,drinks, a walk on the beach.Our first kiss.

  • JoeSargent ( 46 / M / Keokuk, IA )

    I think we treat it like a poker run. We get up early, ride to some location neither of us has been, eat lunch and get to kno0w one another. Now obviously, this depends on how we have clicked in the first 15min. LOL

  • hdfatboy2016 ( 35 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Go for a nice bike ride someplace away from the big smoke...

  • ROADGLIDE1966 ( 50 / M / Sherwood, OR )

    First date Idea get together and go for a ride (weather permitting). Stop for a meal and get to know each other.

  • ZodiacOwl ( 33 / M / Sheffield, England - South Yorkshire )

    Go for a drive, get something to eat and chill.

  • MikeyV ( 42 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Take a ride on my Harley, maybe go on a Run together. Basically just have a good time. I love to laugh and have fun.

  • SassySolo ( 56 / W / Lansing, MI )

    Maybe meet for Dinner or a drink at A local Bike-Nite Gathering ! Or a blessing in HELL , Michigan ! LoL

  • UKWingRider ( 57 / M / Quail Valley, CA )

    First date should be something easy, a place you're comfortable with, maybe something convenient to you for a drink and a chat.

  • BuckskinGal ( 65 / W / Sonora, CA )

    Go for a short bike ride up here in the mountains - to a location we both like... Stop for lunch @ a place we both agree upon, preferably w/outdoor seating. We'll both take it from there...

  • Sage72 ( 44 / W / Denton, TX )

    Riding ... chilling... chatting...

  • snortF100 ( 56 / M / Fallbrook, CA )

    Would be nice to go on a ride event together and enjoy the warm weather and back roads of San Diego county.

  • Aphrodite80 ( 36 / W / Henderson, KY )

    Just riding and some lunch.

  • Grizzly69 ( 59 / M / Levittown, PA )

    go on a poker run or a Saturday ride with some good people this way we can get to know each other

  • MeezerLover ( 58 / W / Columbus, OH )

    Let's go for a bike ride together and then stop to get something to eat along the way and just talk for awhile, and then continue the ride until the end of the day.