First Date Ideas

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  • misskk2000 ( 50 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    For a first date I think an uncommon ground is the best place to get relaxed at, example I do not go bowling or to the driving range, so these type of places are fun first dates because it brings out some of ones true na...  read more>>

  • vista150 ( 59 / M / Kerrville, TX )

    go with the flow , Santo coyote , medina , tx ?

  • VA_MTNMAN_2007 ( 57 / M / Pembroke, VA )

    Someplace where it's easy to talk and have some great food.

  • metsmedic ( 50 / M / Farmingdale, NY )

    First date is whatever is comfortable for you I am pretty easy.

  • candygal52 ( 64 / W / Bronx, NY )

    Meet for lunch or dinner, get a chance to talk

  • riceburner1958 ( 58 / M / Des Moines, IA )

    A cup of coffee, a ride, see what happens.

  • jobond ( 49 / M / Birkenshaw, England - West Yorkshire )

    nice sunny day, bar meal or brunch out side with good veiws, peace and quite follwed by a stroll round lake or beach etc

  • gmw1960 ( 56 / W / Silverdale, WA )

    Going out to dinner, maybe a movie.

  • chopperjohn1961 ( 55 / M / Buxton, ME )

    Can"t say at this point, is it gona be summer, winter, fall, spring, I will say, whatever the season, it will be something to remember !!

  • CharlieTuna99 ( 101 / M / Sparta, NJ )

    How about a Tuna sandwich at some scenic vista? Actually, I logged in to BK to change my birthdate and now there are new required fields to fill out. Since I have to write something here, that's what I came up with. I kn...  read more>>

  • Taztrain ( 58 / W / Denton, TX )

    traveling to an obscure place ( dive diner) with great food.

  • LadyMazz ( 53 / W / Harrisville, NH )

    I am a Lady.. Christian looking for same Christain Biker . 1st date nice bike ride.. and a nice place to eat, stop to get to know eachother. A man who treats me like a lady! opens doors, pulls out chairs.ect.;D

  • hlmth8er ( 63 / M / Petaluma, CA )

    meet for a drink or coffee, go for a ride, have some lunch or dinner and then see if we should meet again.

  • LTSRIDEME2 ( 57 / M / Gilberts, IL )

    I would like to meet with you in a place that you feel very comfortable in. I am going to very nervous because thats the kind of guy I am, Until you get to know me ,and I get to know you. I think we would know right away...  read more>>

  • afallenmuse ( 50 / W / Lakeland, FL )

    Hmmm....a great first date for me would be dinner at a restaurant we both love or have been wanting to try and then a walk around the lake or someplace quiet to talk. Or it could be a show that we've been wanting to see...  read more>>