Biker Activities

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  • notofthisworld ( 47M / North Port, FL )


    Ride,drink have fun get to know one another laugh eat ride

  • crashed69 ( 50M / Carpentersville, IL )


    get together on the bike go someplace casual or maybe go on a bike run

  • CurvyCountryLady ( 45W / Andrew, AB )


    I would love my first meet n greet to be a day out on the open road....on my bike traveling around, stopping for a coffee or lunch....

  • Firewoman503 ( 47W / Beavercreek, OR )


    First dates can be tricky.... Either we meet for coffee/drink or..... Take me for a ride :)

  • dg2222 ( 41M / Waco, TX )


    ..dont talk about it about it ..if you wanna do it lets do it i dont leave nutn to chance only live once so make it count

  • LilEnigma58 ( 56W / Panama City, FL )


    The first date would definatly have to be riding, since riding is a lifestyle, my lifestyle, it would be the first priority...

  • xb12biker ( 52M / Neuhausen, Baden-Wurttemberg )


    Lass uns zusammen ne Runde drehen...

  • wind04 ( 50W / Las Vegas, NV )


    As long as we go for a ride. an if Im Hungry Youll have to stop to eat..Im pretty easy going..

  • Jedsub87 ( 28M / Kingston, ON )


    Wherever the road takes us, or whatever we can mutually agree on to get to know each other

  • judy1133 ( 61W / Lake Worth, FL )


    Let's take the bikes out for a ride around Lake Okeechobee,

  • alanajh ( 54W / Deland, FL )


    Whatever is comfortable for us both.

  • hightowerDHMC ( 31M / Valley Springs, CA )


    Riding and going to have a couple drinks....

  • Lilbits2000 ( 50W / Ocala, FL )


    Lunch that has like a outdoor area. Where we can chat and feel comfortable

  • Kellieeclipse ( 37W / Beaudesert, Queensland )


    A ride through Tamborine or any of the great rides South. A stop for lunch or breakfast depending on the time and a recap on how much fun we had with a drink .....

  • heratige2011 ( 54M / Earleville, MD )


    A quiet place to eat and hang out and shoot some pool to talk and get to know you! Then go riding, site seeing, along the coast, checking out the beaches, lite houses, antique shops, shoot some pool, or just a long walk  more>>