Biker Activities

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  • Spike_ ( 20M / Lockerbie, Scotland - Dumfriesshire )


    I hope to find a partner that rides, but that doesn't mean I won't take pillions ;) We could go out on a run, or just take the bike out to the pub or dinner. Nothing to typical or boring!

  • KBear50 ( 51M / Murfreesboro, TN )


    Just an idea maybe go to a biker bar to have a couple of drinks an listen to a live band. I think having dinner together should be a little later on if we click

  • Glittersxtrr ( 19W / Good Hope, GA )


    I'm up for parties and concerts

  • JustJoyce ( 59W / Coloma, MI )


    A ride to no where with no traffic lights, stop along the lake to walk & talk.

  • Singer2059 ( 55M / Wimberley, TX )


    Just like to ride with good looking woman. Just fun

  • Master_Dee ( 57M / Columbia, SC )


    A nice night ride through the city and have a drink at a sports bar and have a nice talk....

  • notofthisworld ( 47M / North Port, FL )


    Ride,drink have fun get to know one another laugh eat ride

  • crashed69 ( 50M / Carpentersville, IL )


    get together on the bike go someplace casual or maybe go on a bike run

  • CurvyCountryLady ( 45W / Andrew, AB )


    I would love my first meet n greet to be a day out on the open road....on my bike traveling around, stopping for a coffee or lunch....

  • Firewoman503 ( 47W / Beavercreek, OR )


    First dates can be tricky.... Either we meet for coffee/drink or..... Take me for a ride :)

  • dg2222 ( 41M / Waco, TX )


    ..dont talk about it about it ..if you wanna do it lets do it i dont leave nutn to chance only live once so make it count

  • LilEnigma58 ( 56W / Panama City, FL )


    The first date would definatly have to be riding, since riding is a lifestyle, my lifestyle, it would be the first priority...

  • xb12biker ( 52M / Neuhausen, Baden-Wurttemberg )


    Lass uns zusammen ne Runde drehen...

  • wind04 ( 50W / Las Vegas, NV )


    As long as we go for a ride. an if Im Hungry Youll have to stop to eat..Im pretty easy going..

  • Jedsub87 ( 28M / Kingston, ON )


    Wherever the road takes us, or whatever we can mutually agree on to get to know each other