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  • easygo (62M/Livonia, MI)


    Coffee, dinner, a talk on the phone, a dealer open house, a bike night, a chili feed, a sunny ride down a country road or along the lakeshore and on and on

  • wires64 (50M/Fort Lauderdale, FL)


    Day trip for a ride and dinner.

  • vladihern69 (42M/Fort Lauderdale, FL)


    A nice short ride to the beach, far or close, to a nice tiki bar

  • edh0807 (48M/Hartsdale, NY)


    A ride along the beach or into the mountains go and have a romantic dinner.

  • butterfly2264 (48W/Montreal, QC)


    definitely will love to go for a ride..........

  • k1200bmwrider (51M/Lexington, KY)


    Get to know each other on the phone first (at least talk) First date most likely would be a ride somewhere to eat and enjoy the scenery on the way.

  • jbsabre (47M/Summerfield, FL)


    I think idea first date ,Wow Date sounds funny. I'm an outdoor person, alitte picinic by the lake,

  • goodoleboy (53M/Edmonton, AB)


    Guess we could meet somewhere on the bikes, have a bite to eat & a drink, play a game of pool, & if things seem to be cool between us hit the road together for a ride, keep it simple!

  • GeeGee2002 (48W/Seal Beach, CA)


    To spend the entire day drifting, or at a amusement park like Disneyland. No real plan, just a drive somewhere far and out of the way, maybe a walk on the beach, or in the mountains and end with a great dinner. Just spen  more>>

  • sexymama2005 (50W/Hedgesville, WV)


    just meet somewhere for a talk and see if we get along !!!! go from there.

  • 2006fltri (54M/Fruitland, ID)


    Best first date would be a nice ride to Mc Call or someplace like that and take in a brunch and looking in all the shops. Maybe even stay overnight. Dinner locally to a place I have not been would be very nice too.

  • Freebird692000 (53W/Battle Creek, MI)


    A place we both decide on .......maybe something simple at first....or maybe about a cruise to cali

  • monalisa2004 (50W/Renton, WA)


    Something Adventurous or a good ride with lunch by the water

  • ANNIEWHISPER68 (45W/La Grange, IL)


    having a nice picnic by the lake,,under a shady tree.

  • booieone (45M/Princeton, MN)


    to take a long ride and get to know u