Sightseeing My favorite date ideas

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  • justasnick ( 48 / W / Kamloops, BC )

    Going for a coffee and a ride would be a good first date.

  • katalieghia ( 43 / W / Battle Creek, MI )

    i would love for a guy to come get me take a ride on the bike out somewhere in the country and then have a picnic while we watch the wild life and nature around us

  • jrwceo ( 59 / M / Woodland Hills, CA )

    Sitting on a tropical beach on a warm night having an umbrella drink having a nice talk about our lives and where we think we want to be in the future.

  • JayandLaura ( 43 / C / Port Deposit, MD )

    Nice ride to a secluded campground for an intimate evening next to a warm fire.

  • LoriLoriAnn ( 40 / W / Lexington, SC )

    A bike ride and maybe conversation over a beer, so we may begin getting to know each other. Of course, you know the area, so I would love to hear your ideas!

  • MommaWolfe ( 48 / W / Kennard, NE )

    I havent been on a date in 10 years...I suppose we would talk first and compromise on what to do. Maybe go for a ride on your bike. Nice dinner (nothing fancy) and talk. Walk thru downtown Omaha at the Old Market maybe.

  • jimrico ( 52 / M / Forest City, NC )

    Go for a short ride, grab a meal to talk and get to know a little more about each other.

  • RIDEONROADSTAR ( 53 / M / Manchester, IA )

    We would take off mid morning on the cycle and stop for breakfast at a cafe overlooking the river and have a nice talk before hitting the road again and seeing some scenic sights in NE Iowa. End the day with a drink by t  more>>

  • gipszi ( 50 / W / Kingston, NH )

    I dont care, you pick. I am easy to get along with and can have fun about anywhere. How about jello wrestling, lol

  • alrightwordsforu ( 51 / W / New Bedford, MA )

    A picnic along a river or any scenic spot that isn't too isolated.

  • Blondie99 ( 47 / W / Taft, CA )

    A ride over the new bridge, Hoover Damn,Nv.

  • reiner1944 ( 51 / W / Claremore, OK )

    A picnic or quiet place so we can visit.

  • Chad30flying7 ( 34 / M / La Grange, TX )

    Just hang out and get to know each other. Go for a nice ride or go some where new for both of us.

  • MCPhotos ( 52 / M / Morrisville, PA )

    Take a long ride out to the mountians, the shore, or just about any place. Enjoy the scenery. Grab a bite at an outdoor table at a local cafe' and enjoy the ride back.

  • lynne57 ( 60 / W / Havelock, ON )

    Meet at Timmies then Go for a Harley ride, somewhere that you like and enjoy the day.