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  • AZrider78 (58M/Morristown, AZ)


    Lunch and perhaps a ride afterwards...

  • msrcmikemsrcmike (52M/Everett, WA)


    A ride to an unknown destination, stopping for a nice lunch along the way. Then maybe drinks and dinner.

  • Debby1210 (55W/Belleville, MI)


    Good food--good company. Getting to know each other.

  • nessy357n (66M/Nanaimo, BC)


    Lunch or supper at the floating reataurant in the Nanaimo harbour, then go for a walk on the seawall. Finish off with a ride up to Qualicum.

  • Justride88 (44M/Hacienda Heights, CA)


    Would be great! We could ride out around 10am and get some lunch down by the beach. If not there then something local.

  • Sporty1548 (53W/Cheltenham, England - Gloucestershire)


    Been on one date with a man off a dating site, we played tennis, I beat him, he didnt like it, so I think lunch might be the better option. dont have any favourite location for this.

  • homestretch (54M/Fountain Inn, SC)


    lite lunch just to see if we should go for a ride or not

  • EricECA (48M/Pembroke, MA)


    Meet for lunch maybe a ride some were simple beach maybe up for Anything, Some where Quiet so we can Talk Life is short" Break the Rules, Forgive Quickly, kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably and Never Regret an  more>>

  • Godspeed0000 (55M/Carol Stream, IL)


    Let's meet for lunch, if things go well, we are still there when it is closing time!

  • Milz79 (35M/Easton, PA)


    Nothing special maybe go for a nice ride stop grab a bite to eat so we can talk and get to know each other

  • chevynut123c (50M/Scranton, ND)


    I know its had for a woman to meet a man for the first time, so I like to keep it it a public place where they will be more comfortable.

  • Orionblue (47M/Hudson, FL)


    Coffee or lunch somewhere to get to know each other and talk to one another?

  • Bluiz4you (53W/East Peoria, IL)


    The first date? A nice ride to anywhere then stopping for a quiet lunch and a cold beer. Easy conversation so wecan get to know each other.

  • Tom94118 (63M/San Francisco, CA)


    Take a nice ride and go somewhere for brunch / lunch. Keep the riding short (cannot talk much on the motorcycle) so we have time to chat and get to know each other. I do not mix alcohol and the motorcycle, so drinks are  more>>

  • Kimmy50 (51W/Sun Valley, NV)


    meet for lunch and then hop on your bike and take a ride around the lake Lake Tahoe stopping to jump in the clear blue water