First Date Ideas

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  • ScarletDarling ( 61 / W / Bend, OR )

    We would work this part out togeather, agree, and do, hahhahaa maybe a bite to eat, go out in the open and Talk, gets to know each other, and go from there, always be Honest what you feel, as I also would, I don't play g...  read more>>

  • wildrazberries62 ( 54 / W / Morrisville, NY )

    Coffee...lunch....quiet place to talk

  • nonalive ( 48 / W / Visalia, CA )

    Going for coffee, or a nice lunch somewhere that would allow us to talk and get to know each other. Although I'm always up for anything fun.

  • sonic622000 ( 54 / M / Luton, England - Bedfordshire )

    Ideal first date would be a coffee or lunch in a local place I don't mind travelling

  • Shammen ( 36 / M / Missoula, MT )

    You, Me, the highway with the wind in our hair!! Stop for a bite to eat. Maybe ride to the water err we can talk get to know each other.

  • rebel203 ( 63 / W / Daytona Beach, FL )

    Just need somewhere that we can both feel comfortable at and then take it from there.

  • GuardRailVTX1300 ( 55 / M / Davidsonville, MD )

    it would have to meet and go for a ride and get a drink all from me I don't believe the women should pay for anything

  • Pooch74 ( 42 / M / Miami Beach, FL )

    Go for a ride, have some lunch, talk and then ride some more....

  • SteveLtd ( 53 / M / Margate, England - Kent )


  • DL23505 ( 51 / W / Norfolk, VA )

    It would be nice to meet for lunch. I don't know the area that we'll so I,would like to let you pick the place. Breakfast or dinner is okay. I could only pick one.

  • MelissaLadywolf ( 48 / W / Paintsville, KY )

    Meet for coffee or drinks. Get to know one another. Then go to the lake a sit or walk And just see where it goes.

  • jimbo52 ( 64 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    To see how we click, then we can take it from there

  • DocSmith ( 64 / M / Brunswick, OH )

    lunch to get to know one another and may be a ride afterwards or if things go well from there!

  • boyo1441 ( 51 / M / Bury St. Edmunds, England - Suffolk )

    for the first date i would let you choose,i wouldn't want you feeling threatened or worried about meeting a total stranger in a strange place xx

  • silk1234 ( 49 / W / Marshfield, MO )

    Picnic in nature.good eats good conversation..exsploring walk