Just can't be categorized

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  • Funnygal13 ( 69W / Prescott Valley, AZ )


    I'd say a nice short ride for coffee and pie somewhere!

  • Peanutgirl ( 54W / Longueuil, QC )


    Nothing complicated, on the spot of the moment, lets be spontaneous

  • BikerFisherman ( 48M / Hollister, MO )


    A lil early Mornin Fishin & then a beautiful ride cruising the Ozarks topped off with an excellent dinner

  • Pilot2Biker2 ( 60M / Port Charlotte, FL )


    1st date..is.after the 1st Meet & Greet....then we both talk, but there's no 2nd chance at 1st impression. So I enjoy a Flight down the Coast, and after a few minutes let you Fly the Plane

  • Hunter6996 ( 55M / Pompano Beach, FL )


    Let's go for a ride and find a nice place to stop and get to know each other

  • bikelover13 ( 53W / Columbus, OH )


    Meet me & take me to dinner on the Bike !

  • xout4funx ( 43W / Provo, UT )


    Depends on mood . I really don't plan I like seeking where the road goes

  • catdillie ( 40W / Phoenix, AZ )


    A first date could be just having some coffee, going for a ride, dinner or anything else. Just whatever is agreed upon.

  • andyb27 ( 28M / Eastbourne, England - Sussex )


    Go out for a ride, food, drink (not too much though)

  • ConniejClark ( 55W / Jasper, GA )


    I guess it depends on whats going on, we just have to get to know each other.

  • katshere ( 57W / Allentown, PA )


    I'm open for suggestions on this one...just about anything except the movies..you really can't get to know each other there.

  • snugglebandit4u ( 60M / Hesperia, CA )


    talk,, then ride to the beach ,, or anywhere

  • angeleyes1974 ( 40W / Janesville, WI )


    what makes a date perfect is who your with not what your doing. the best date can be an ordered in pizza and a couple cans of soda if you are enjoying the company you keep

  • Txmouse ( 36W / Houston, TX )


    Anything laidback and fun that gives you a chance to talk, but also avoid an awkward moments.

  • elisebeth ( 47W / Bradenton, FL )


    I like to look at it as not a date but two new friends hanging together and getting to know each other.