First Date Ideas

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  • RedWild59 ( 57 / W / White Pine, TN )


  • SLynn654321 ( 51 / W / Canton, IL )

    Meet for drinks in a lil out of the way pub for drinks, then mayb a ride?

  • Jamesg2001 ( 53 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    I would like to go for drinks,dinner,and a ride or whatever we decide to do.

  • tll3645308 ( 37 / W / Bradford, OH )

    Something fun to where we can get to know each other

  • Thomas2051 ( 41 / M / Hialeah, FL )

    Go for a ride and see what happens.

  • BoomLNMC ( 34 / M / Hialeah, FL )

    What ever comes to mind and depends on the day of the week it may be

  • Colleen2004 ( 54 / W / Colorado Springs, CO )

    this is hard it really depends on the person that's looking at this or wants to get to know me and what they also like to do I'm open to any suggestions if I'm not crazy about it we will figure something out. I'm always...  read more>>

  • Angel613 ( 57 / W / Fargo, ND )

    Meeting up and taking it from there.... surprise me

  • BigBadFred ( 51 / M / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Let's meet out and have a drink. Let's talk and get to know one another. If all goes well we can get a bite to eat. If not we can go on our way.

  • WildEyesFLHX ( 48 / W / Hastings, MN )

    On the swings, and a quick ride down the Nawty.....

  • Danarj1884 ( 46 / W / Georgetown, KY )

    I'm pretty easy going and love adventure. I love the outdoors, fishing, boating, riding, dancing, and anything to just have fun and smile. I like someone who likes to plan things for us to do and surprise me. I love ridi...  read more>>

  • dailin ( 62 / M / Grandview, TN )

    Somewhere quiet to get to know if we are somewhat compatible.

  • bobopants ( 51 / M / New Lenox, IL )

    Drinks and dinner and talking.

  • JeansnBoots ( 44 / W / Otwell, IN )

    Why set an unrealistic idea of what a first date should be like?? It can be anything and go anywhere! As long as it easy going conversation and laughter with a chance to get to know one another a little better to see if...  read more>>

  • Luvv2Ridee ( 48 / W / Wilbraham, MA )

    First date would be meeting for coffee or a drink to get to know each other to see if either of us want a second date