First Date Ideas

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  • desertmom ( 50 / W / Canyon Country, CA )

    Going out for coffee or a bite to eat. A nice walk or bike ride of course.

  • luvtogolf ( 65 / M / Regina, SK )

    A coffe, walk in the park, a glass of wine or a cold beer.

  • judylam ( 44 / W / Boca Raton, FL )

    A nice walk on the beach ! :) preferably in the evening , more calm and to watch the moon and silent waves.

  • Beachbiker2005 ( 60 / W / Culloden, WV )

    First date? Do you really still call it dating? I guess a walk in a park, nothing special, just in case either one of us needs to ditch the other real quick. No money lost on a walk in the park. Going to see a movie does...  read more>>

  • duder1500 ( 56 / M / Schuylerville, NY )

    our first date could be enjoying each other's company over dinner at an outdoor venue and taking a walk .

  • goldsharpie ( 51 / M / Grandville, MI )

    My first date would be taken a nice ride to ether the lake shore or small out of the way town. Get a bite to eat . Then take a walk or hike on a trail or pier somewhere to watch the sun set.

  • lonely_n_va ( 47 / M / Virginia Beach, VA )

    would like to have a quiet dinner walk or sit at the beach,get to know each other to c if we maybe connected. c where it goes from there

  • mark11969 ( 47 / M / Devizes, England - Wiltshire )

    A ride out to a quiet pub by the beach or the Lake District for dinner, but can be flexible on location!

  • nsblady ( 50 / W / New Smyrna Beach, FL )

    A walk on the beach, a drink outdoors.

  • EZRIDINBABYFWYGT ( 45 / W / Eugene, OR )

    take me for a long ride,have coffee,or a drink at an out of the way place,kick it for awhile, and take the long way home!

  • greeneyedwintu ( 52 / W / Valmy, NV )

    I like having a nice quite dinner with that special guy..

  • 06fatboyny ( 56 / M / Fillmore, NY )

    dinner, club , or a walk somewhere.

  • Juniper79 ( 36 / W / Bristol, PA )

    Sit out by a lake and chit chat about anything and everything!

  • ILprincess ( 23 / W / McHenry, IL )

    cuddle cuddle cuddle..maybe go for a walk or just sit in the woods enjoy each other's company where it's peaceful:) or, if you have a bike...well..ya know

  • angiegirl2000 ( 53 / W / Southport, NC )

    first date is always a hard one.and not having dated in years doesnt make it any easier. would be go for a long walk on the beach.maybe in the late evening and take along something to nibble on.the just sit around talkin...  read more>>