First Date Ideas

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  • Blondie925 ( 45 / W / South Windsor, CT )

    I suppose it would depend on how much communication took place ahead of time.

  • goddess86 ( 48 / W / Oklahoma City, OK )

    I am pretty open about what we would do on a first date. Love going for bike rides, live music, concerts, or kicking back having a nice cold beer.

  • Jhiller ( 38 / M / Casa Grande, AZ )

    I would say meet up somewhere for coffee and maybe take a ride till we need to get gas 1-2 times, get some lunch and head back. Gives a a chance to get to know each other a little better and let's face it riding always a  more>>

  • TexasGemma ( 45 / W / Harker Heights, TX )

    Under the stars, near a campfire, & close to large body of water (ie lake, river, ocean) Extensive conversation, good cold beer, laughter, leading up to and including liberal, exuberant making out, (& if things work out  more>>

  • Sophbaker ( 38 / W / Loveland, CO )

    We are here to ride, so let's ride.

  • VanWrecker ( 39 / M / Bradenton, FL )

    Not picky at all. Doesn't matter where I am at.

  • Easter1972 ( 43 / W / Langhorne, PA )

    No need to impress me, so let's just hang out, talk and have fun!

  • Sallyrice ( 39 / W / Gaffney, SC )

    I'm really up for anything as long as the company is good!

  • JR007GARR ( 55 / M / Clarkson, KY )

    I am sure we can come up with some thing. Coffee ?

  • HarleyMWN ( 55 / M / Calgary, AB )

    Let's go for Ice Cream... My Treat, you can have anything you like. Me, I prefer two flavours. Let's find a place for us. It would feel great to sit in the sun wouldn't it?

  • WVaWolverine ( 53 / M / Lexington, SC )

    Basically it would be were ever we both are comfortable at, since the first date is always a little nervey for both.

  • CrazyDeb ( 51 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Go for a ride on a beautiful day. Maybe to see the sunset.. Go to a baselball game or lunch. That can still all be done by riding ;)

  • Ginger5 ( 57 / W / Fort Smith, AR )

    For a first meeting, someplace public that is not too loud so we can talk and get to know each other

  • zziipp ( 55 / M / Johnson City, TN )

    First date should be time spent getting to know one another, some quality time on my Harley, maybe a waterfall or senic view. Possibly a late dinner with good conversation and laughs.

  • bookworm0716 ( 24 / W / Pennington Gap, VA )

    Don't leave it up to me...I'll pay my half. All I ask for is a fun time.