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  • Sweetpineapple4 ( 44W / Vancouver, BC )


    The first date , I would like anything sitting in a park holding and talking, going for a ride to we're ever we end up, cause u can be anywhere doing something , but when u r with the person u want to be . All is beautif  more>>

  • Joanne57 ( 57W / Essington, PA )


    Go for a nice ride till the suns sets or have a glass of wine

  • CareBearInCali ( 34W / Carson City, NV )


    This question is SERIOUSLY wack.

  • nhbiker28169 ( 40M / Newmarket, NH )


    A first date can be just about anything. It depends on the time of year. Lunch/dinner, walk on the beach, go for a ride; it all depends on the people involved. But it should ultimately allow us to talk and get to know ea  more>>

  • smalltime ( 60M / Westminster, CO )


    public, a lunch or a coffee meeting casual get to know see if there is chemistry. I also like geting to know someone on the phone also low pressure

  • Lpnnurse38 ( 39W / Palmerton, PA )


    Movies bite to eat go out for a drink

  • dream_stealer ( 48W / Red Deer, AB )


    My first date idea would be a ride on a bike to the mountains and have a healthy homemade lunch - watching wildlife and basking in the sun - inhaling fresh mountain air

  • twisty36 ( 36M / Spain )


    having fun from the first date

  • grazie41 ( 42W / Pomona, CA )


    Well what ever we see fit.... Because we are all different so no date can be the same...

  • whitetrash00 ( 41M / Depauw, IN )


    A nice ride..duh. some food and frequent stops to chat and smoke.

  • Roadglide58 ( 25M / Palmyra, NY )


    Anything that sounds like a good time

  • High50Adventure ( 46M / Millington, TN )


    I have not dated since before I was married, I am not a good person to ask what a "Good" date would be. Good for me means it actually happened. It's all pretty intimidating to me In Timid Dating Perfect word to describe  more>>

  • bweaver122 ( 20W / Haslet, TX )


    Definitely depends on the person.

  • backseat2014 ( 49W / Rockland, MA )


    Well if it wasn't the middle of the winter I would say pick me up on your bike and take a ride to Nantasket Beach,take a walk and go from there. Really anything would be fine as long as we could talk. I just don't think  more>>

  • Manda7484 ( 30W / Eden, NC )


    Wherever the night or day might lead us. It could be as simple as a picnic in the mountain or to just having a couple of drinks at a local bar or restaurant.