Errand dating

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  • Woldward (45M/Bautzen, Sachsen)


    Ich bin für Vieles offen. Waldspaziergang, Cafe-Besuch oder Bike-Tour.

  • blastfrom1989 (41W/Kingman, AZ)


    Surprise me I love them yet never received them. Respect is my biggest and most asked for request and as long as its memoriable I can be taken anywhere !

  • htkbiker65 (48M/Bad Homburg, Hessen)


    Ich bin mir sicher, dass wir den richtigen Ort finden werden !

  • dynascoot69 (70M/Ocala, FL)


    Ride out to Gator Joe's for a beer

  • jdgmna (57W/Denton, TX)


    somethin outdoors---maybe a bike ride???

  • PaulMedard (65M/Cambridge, MA)


    Pretty low key. something simple that would allow us to discover each other. probably doing something fun at the same time. Maybe going for a ride, a walk, before stopping for a snack.

  • Rushie (55W/Wrentham, MA)


    Ha! I chose the "Errand Dating" date category, which I've never heard of before. I must be pretty old. Is this something they do nowadays? Like you could take me on the back of the bike for a colonoscopy appointment, and  more>>