Biker Activities

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  • Denuve ( 35W / Charlotte, NC )


    Meet someplace and talk maybe have a drink

  • SJGHOSTIE ( 33M / San Jose, CA )


    Sunny day , Hard and Fast With the wind on our back .. "Talking About Riding , .....get your head out the Gutter ""

  • AlbertoM ( 55M / Desert Hot Springs, CA )


    Ways going .. Whatever suites you.. Riding, dining, movies, beach, dancing, drink, etc..... Everything worker for me

  • wormey2469 ( 39M / Summerfield, FL )


    Any thing to do with riding and going new places and drinking beer

  • purplea69 ( 38W / Poplar Bluff, MO )


    Any be good and riding and dancing drinkin

  • harl2178 ( 47W / Williamsville, VT )


    SURPRISE ME!!!! I love to be surprised.. I am a very independent person and get bored easy so keeping me thinking is your best shot. I can be pretty impulsive and one day brain storm something and it's a wrap.. we/I am g  more>>

  • ffolino ( 57W / Apple Valley, CA )


    A ride along the coast ,or just about anywhere!

  • MILEEATER ( 60M / Snohomish, WA )


    Live it up. Take a ride to the Ocean for the day and watch the sun set.

  • bikekat78 ( 36W / Irvine, Scotland - Ayrshire )


    Nice ride up and see all the sights of bikeville

  • wildcard7883 ( 48M / Beaverton, MI )


    Since we are bikers,let's take a short ride and get some wind in our hair. Stop offf for a bite to eat and get to know each other a little. Back on and ride some more! If all goes well let's gofor second date!

  • webby2 ( 55M / Perth, Western Australia )


    Go for a ride to a country pub for a counter meal a drink an a talk an enjoy the cenery

  • BladesA ( 35W / Albany, NY )


    Long rides fast and slow. See the sites and listen to music go from there.

  • Leash5 ( 22W / Albany, Western Australia )


    I dont really care for date's in the normal sence rather a more casual date having a good time getting to know someone in a relaxed/ adventurest setting.

  • paularobinson ( 45W / Sacramento, CA )


    Mabe a movie, the park, site see/window shop...dinner...or mabe go out for a coctail! :-)

  • KaronB ( 53W / Warrior, AL )


    Just meet and go riding for a day...