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Posted on Feb 23, 2007 at 05:11 PM

This is Jesus, passing through, Thought that I might check on you. Is your day going well, my friend? I always have an ear to lend. If you decide you need to talk, Or side with me on a short walk; I'll gladly take your hand in Mine And listen to you for a time. You see, I'm not so busy that I can't take time with you to chat; Or even lend a listening ear, Because you see, I'm always near. I'll help to dry a tear or two; I'll take away all fear from you. I'll keep you warm when you are cold, I'll comfort you when you grow old. I'll cast the shadows from your day, And give you sun to guide your way; I'll lift you up when you are down, A smile I'll give to cover your frown. And when the day turns into night, Your needn't fear, it'll be alright; For I am just a prayer away, Just call on Me ~ I'll come and stay.

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