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Posted on Mar 08, 2013 at 05:51 PM

A few days ago I did the Auburn, Forest Hill, Iown Hill, Colfax run.  It was cold and just a few hours away from the last storm that rolled in.  This winter I've done a lot of ride in the Sierra's.  It has been unusually dry.

On 12/11/12, I actually rode up to Loon Lake [CA].  Although Ice House road was wet, there was no visible snow on the shoulder.  It was late, about 20:00, but I though I would get one last ride in before the area became snow-bound with the pending storm that arrived later that night. 

The prior snow event occur on Halloween.

It did snow in early January, but since then it has been dry, until this latest storm that rolled in on Tuesday.

Snow level dropped  to about 3,500 feet, so my favorite roads will have to wait. 







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