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Posted on Sat, May 30, 2009 14:34

Hey the weather is finally nice enough that we all want to get out of town and enjoy a good long ride. Anyone interested in finding a group to ride with or party with in the Kansas City area should check out kansas city meetup on the internet. There are all kinds of social groups and they are a blast. There is a motorcycle group that just started up recently and it is growing quickly. There are all kinds of bikes involved. They are organizing a group ride for the month of June right now, so check it out. Good way to meet new people and make great friends,just like here on BK. There are meetups all over the world you just have to look for one on the web for your area. Hope everyone has a great summer safe!!

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Posted on Tue, Jan 12, 2010 19:26

Hey You,

I saw a piece on the Discovery Channel about all the cool blue's clubs you have down there , and especially the best B.B.Q. in the Country ....I bet I'll see you this summer....I leave to ski the French Alps two weeks from Sat. , the 29'th with 9 friends , then Rome for 5 days...

I plan to trailer my bike with a bud to Arizona in March or April for 10 days , we have mutual friends that ride over there in Lake Havesue and Prescott , Az.    What are you up to ???   Jim


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