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Posted on Apr 11, 2009 at 04:10 AM

Stan Brock is one of those little known heros who gives himself everyday for others with little in return. Remote Area Medicine was set up to give free basic healthcare worldwide such as dental care, eyesite tests and free glasses and cervical semar tests. They also provide free medical services by a moveable care service through America. Helping many now during the recession for free with free services given by the professionals. He has now helped over 200,000 people during the recession. Stan is "The Man" aged 72. Lives in RAM headquarters. Showers in cold water. sleeps in a sleeping bag and lives on porridge, rice and beans. A hero in his own lifetime. At aged 16 talked his way into being a cowboy in South America steering long horns. Later went to holliwood and became a bit actor and stunt man. Then starred in a wild series where he captured and tagged and looked after wild animals. Footage can be found of him wrestling with lions and ananacondas. Quite a man. Now gives his time raising resources for free medical care. I think it is a great cause and a great man in this time of woosies and nonenity "celebrities" So find it online and give a little and if a professional think of giving a little of your time. It is comforting to think such people still exist. JunieXXX

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