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Posted on Aug 04, 2006 at 09:10 AM

REX HI.. Since I am not a paid member, I have no way of contacting you. Other then the blogs..sigh! However, I left you a message on your profile, under options.. where it says, to post your comment about this member. Hope you understand, what I wrote? Check it out!! Loma Linda is not that far, from me..I know exactly where that is. It is very pretty in Redlands, I use to go dancing out there. At a place called Rockin-Robin, boy was that a fun place. Sure miss it.. ;-) Hope we can meet, that would be great!! Your lucky, to be going to Sturgis..OMG!! I bet, that is very exciting.. I am very envious of you.. ;-) Have fun!! Hugs LEAH

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