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Posted on Jul 20, 2006 at 12:41 PM

Ok,bein off work for some time,and readin plenty of these posts and enjoyin them immensly,it took me down memory lane quite a ways.So,after rememberin some highlights from way back in our crew had just purchased a 8mm movie camera,and there were heaps of ideas of wat we shud put on film for prosperity...ha ha oh yeah,the flashes of movie directorship were genius,,,,not!!!heres one,ok,back in those days,the best boots were either army or firemans,so,as it was mid winter in Sydney,Australia,most of us had heavy gear on,and on the bottom of our boots we had "hob nails" to make the soles of the boots last longer.They also sparked up wen cornerin at night and draggin the boots,Ok,so off we went,about 7 of us,to the closest set of sweeping "s" bends,like wat they call a chicane,to film ourselves makin these bends and draggin our boots and makin sparks.Of course we also stop watched it,and the competitive spirit took hold.Ha ha ha,ok,yep,yu can see it comin cant ya !!! hahahaha,sure plenty of sparkes were made,and not just with the soles of our hobnailed boots,bike cosmetic damage was stiff,a few bent wheels n forks,some gravel rash and the odd drop of claret,but a good time was had by all.And it was a GREAT movie !!! oh,the bikes were trumpy tiger 110's,matchless's and bsa's one vincent,but he was smarter than us...etc...ok,yeah,it was a long memory lane,gettin old,,,,any one else with MEMORIES ???

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