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50 weight...... Posted on Apr 04, 2007 at 01:55 PM
Last week it was 81 degrees here and got some good miles on. Today I woke up to snow and 16 degrees. Such is spring riding here in Minnesota. Monday I went to the local Harley dealer to get a case of 50 weight for the bikes and all they had was 2 quarts. I had to laugh, I thought to myself what kind of dealer does not have enough 50 weight on hand. Anyways, they say the weather is going to get warmer and besides there are 5 dealers in the Twin Cities area so I'm grateful for that. Spyder
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Parts, Parts, Parts,........... Posted on Mar 31, 2007 at 05:36 AM
With the weather being so foul I figured it was a good time to do clean up on the bike and get the rust off of it from Daytona. I started thinking that I have 6 30 gallon container's of parts and I can't remember what have. So, I decided to see and I can't believe the stuff I have collected over time. I pick stuff up at swap meets that I have no intention of using, it just happened to be a cool part. I have kept electrical parts that are no good, but I saved it anyways. I have parts that I took off my shovelhead when I first bought it that are the most uglyest shit I have seen. I wonder sometimes what people are thinking. LOL, I got a ticket in Daytona for high handlebars so I went to one of the shops on Main Street and bought some news risers(shorter) but never did put them on. Well, don't you know it I have 2 new pairs in my parts box. That crap cost me a hundred bucks. Anyways, I hope the weather clears up. Spyder
Easter is cancelled Posted on Mar 30, 2007 at 01:53 PM
They where out looking for the easter bunny and they finally found the little guy.
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Ridin Daytona beach...... Posted on Mar 30, 2007 at 07:36 AM
I decide to ride on the beach this year. In past years I have avoided it because of the salt. It sure was fun. The sand is as hard as a rock and the tires barely leave a foot print. I stopped a couple of times to take pictures and both times waves came in and went under the bike and in turn the bike sunk in the sand. LOL, I almost did not get out by myself the second time. I left the beach and went to the car wash. Even after the car wash I could see the rust start to form. So, today since it is raining I figure it is time to clean off the rust before it does anymore harm than it has. Anyways, I would turn around and do it again. Spyder
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Pot Holes........ Posted on Mar 29, 2007 at 03:50 PM
I took off riding today and decided to head toward the city. A Hawk flew about 6 feet over my head and I thought it was after my red beret. I said a prayer which I do when a Hawk crosses my path. As I got closer to the city the road starts getting rougher. First I had to deal the highway and how it heeves up across the road, but then the city streets are full of pots. Alot of them are the kind that can bend a rim if you hit them. Well I found myself steering around them with my hips and I started thinking that I should use these moves when I dance! What do ya think? "Hey Baby, do ya want to pot hole?". Anyways, I pulled into the coffee shop and had a cup and a banana bar, with frosting. Spyder
How did they pass..... Posted on Mar 28, 2007 at 09:31 AM
Saturday I was out riding and I was following a couple their that I did not know and I ended up also getting run off the road by an older suv type. They did not use their signals and just pulled over in my lane after the two bikes passed them. I slammed the brakes and them pulled up along side only to find a non-speaking english couple from a country that Minnesota have allowed refuge. It made me think when I was getting my license that I would have not passed my test if I did not use my signals and look in the mirrors. this was not the first time it happened. I followed them for a long time but then realized it was not worth it to act out on what I was thinking. I hope that all of you that ride on this site pay attention to your surroundings when you are on the road. Spyder
It hurts worse..... Posted on Mar 26, 2007 at 11:51 PM
I was out riding with some friends yesterday and we got caught in a down pour which lasted about 4 miles. As the rain was beating on my face I thought to myself that this seems to hurt more now than I remember 27 years ago. I seen the clearing coming up so I quickly forgot about the rain.