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That special someone 201 Views 09/06/07
Do you ever get irritated with a that special someone that always says they will call, email or be around? They continue to just disappear. They do strange things and have lots of excuses. I am trying so hard with this person yet they don't seem to be making any sense. Cami
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What tickles your fancy? 296 Views 08/27/07
feather? lace? leather? Handcuffs?
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EYES 465 Views 08/21/07
What color eyes make you melt? I can just get lost lost in brown eyes. I am not quite as fond of other colors.
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very upset 387 Views 08/11/07
I am so very upset, my best friend called me and she found out her husband is having one of those internet affairs ok this is too close to home. Apparently he is continuely tell these women he is single and this women don't even see the signs. He only calls when his wife is at work, he only uses his cell number not there home phone, probably because he doesn't want to rock the boat at home. I guess he likes his dual life. She never saw any problems. Why are there so many liars out there? I feel sorry her she loves her husband so much and doesn't know what to do. Any ideas? How should she handle him??
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