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IF YOU COULD GO BACK Posted on Aug 02, 2007 at 12:04 PM
If you could go back in time....what would you do over, change, fix or create......and the biggie....why?
BROWN PAPER PACKAGE Posted on Aug 02, 2007 at 06:29 AM
OK.....question for the ladies and gents....prefaced with a short story. The fella I was seeing described me as a package wrapped in plain brown paper...but a great treasure inside....he,however wanted the pretty package instead. So, which is more important to you......the pretty package with maybe nothing inside or the wonderful treasure inside the plain brown wrapper?
SPRINGTIME PROMISES Posted on Apr 24, 2007 at 05:25 AM
I love the springtime. To me, it is like promises of things to come and fresh, new possibilities. It is that miracle of watching a dormant plant rejuvenate and come back to give us the pleasure of the beauty of sight and scent. To me , it is also the promise of good things to come and I begin to think about what promises I would like to see fulfilled. What promise does this Spring of 2007 hold for you?
Alright ladies and gentlemen.....Lucy has hung her shingle out(Charlie Brown....FYI) if you have a problem you would like some help with........Lucy is listening. Ground rules.... 1. No negativity. 2. No judging. 3. An honest attempt by all to solve the problem. 4. Humor is greatly welcome. 5. No one will be turned away! The door is open and the couch is waiting......and's free!!!
THOUGHTS OF THIS AND THAT Posted on Apr 22, 2007 at 06:03 AM
I realize I haven't been around much has been a pressure cooker and rehearsals have taken up alot of my time lately. To be honest, I had lost interest in the blogs too....seemed to be so much negativity and anger and arguments going on......made me uncomfortable.....people were being hurt, ridiculed and good folks were leaving. Then a very good friend said, we needed to do what we could to bring the fun back.......always up for a challenge, I! So lets concentrate on blogs ,the likes of the Bar and Grill, Jailhouse and laugh and love one another....and take care of those in need and pain.....much more rewarding....lets share the good news instead of gossip and pointing fingers....and lets support our friends instead of tearing them apart. Let's face it....some days the BK bunch is all we have...the ones that care and help lift our spirits.......can we give it a try? Are we up for the challenge to turn things around?
YES, I PULLED THE FIGHT BLOG Posted on Mar 30, 2007 at 05:40 AM
I am sure that some of you are looking for the fight blog. I decided that I was uncomfortable with the way things had been going. The intent was a place to help settle disputes and yes, the original dispute was between Junie and K6 and I was trying to give them a place to resolve it. Lots of humor came forth and that was wonderful....if you can laugh, you can solve most problems. However, I began to grow uncomfortable with the recent onslaught of photos of very overweight women........they get ridiculed enough for their size and I was uncomfortable with allowing that to be on a blog of mine. Maybe, it is in part, because I was heavy....or maybe just because I see my students ridiculed so much because they are "special". So...if I take some flak, I take some flak....but my perogative.....I didn't single anyone out....didn't delete any one person....just got rid of the blog. I like to laugh as much as the next person....but I try not to do it at someone else's expense and pain.....have a wonderful day.
BK Dysfunctional Family Bar and Grill Posted on Dec 08, 2006 at 06:50 AM
OK Poppa Bob, Here's another spinoff for ya. I decided between the fantasy ride , future fantasy rides, other spinoffs and the All Star Band , we needed a permanent place to eat,drink, dance and party. So, Sassy Sue, THE chick is now opening The Wrench Inn Bar and Grill. Here is a current list of activities for the week: Sunday will be family night. Free food and drinks to any family who has at least one member named Billie Bob(I.D. required). Anyone married to their first cousin gets a free night's stay at the Inn(proof of marriage a must)Deuceswild you get to be on the door that night..if you behave! Monday Night Fights...and no, Poppa can't fight only holds barred. Jello pits, pudding pits, greased pig wrestling(not Leroy) and naked male wrestling...should have a few takers on this and the joint should be packed...something for everyone. Moses pick your pit to referee. Tuesday night is Ladies Night. All male revue and half price Patron shots. Maneater need you behind the bar that night since you are the Patron expert. Let's see right now we have BobbyZ as Zorro, Dynatom as Helmut Guy, Demo as Duct tape Man and Netrider, in deference to his rugby passion is Leather Balls Man. And yes, T you can look and yes, Red you can slither 'em. Junie...line up the rest of the dancers. NasT and Crusineasy...need you on outside security that night and check all references at the door...must be a BK member.(Come in for the show though). Wednesday night is Treasure and Jessica's Fantasy Island House of Pleasure Night. I decided since the guys could not keep the two houses straight, we'd just all party together at the Inn. Treasure and Jessica , we'll discuss profit splits later. May need Bdel on security that night...could get ugly! Thursday Night is auction night...all proceeds to charity. I'm thinking the Home for Wayward Bikers would be good. Bobmac you can be the auctioneer and we need a Vanna girl or two to show off the items. Jersey can you handle that? are also viable auction guys and us your "wares". Friday night the Inn will be rocking to the sounds of the BK Dysfunctional Family All-Star Band. Heretic need you on security...bring your squirrel holds barred dancing, ladies choice , mosh pits, you name it,,,we got it. Also celebrity bartender night...need some celebrities...that could be tough! Saturday is everyday rolled into one...we do it all, see it all, hear it all ,drink it all. Wet t-shirt contests, wet boxer contests...Paddy need ya on this one darlin...You must be 21 to enter...Poppa Bob...gonna need lots of security that night. The Wrench Inn Bar and Grill..the happening place to be!