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Swinger??? Posted on Sat, Sep 16, 2006 00:00
Ok folks, this is new to me, but gotta ask, has anyone else been asked if their a swinger?, now i know wot this means(misspent youth maybe) but it clearly states i'm in a relationship(even have pic of betterhalf on profile). now i dont know if i was called this because i didnt answer message request, but my system is a bit slow, so it takes its time to open a new window(hampsters need feeding). but reason i joined is to meet/chat/swap bike stories with like minded peeps(male or female) be they in dreary UK or USA or north pole. Both me and my partner use this system tho it is usually myself(she's too busy trying to swipe me bike keys when i'm distracted). this is not a rant/accusation...just a general anyone want to message us then pleeeeeeeez remember, my system has more akin to somthing found under several layers of strata. Tc all and remember you dont havta ride long as the grin it brings is backed up with protection