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Elderly Blind Date humor. Posted on Thu, Jul 08, 2010 16:49

I heard about this elderly lady 87 yrs old going on a blind date to meet this elderly 97 yr old man.. they met and as the date went along.. she slapped him3-4 times on the date.. as she was telling her friend.. Her friend said was he that fresh with you.. No No. I slapped him to make sure he was still alive... giggles...ooohh yeah another silly blind date humor..  smiling beautifully at ya.. Jenn jenn aka

Dove Eagle jennifer

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Nacogdoches,Texas humor Posted on Sat, Jun 26, 2010 11:49

Heard about this husband & wife, they were driving down the road,they saw a sign that said.Nacogdoches 40 miles ahead.  They begin to argue over how to say & pronounce the name Nacogdoches. The husband got so upset. He finally said when we get to the town, I going to stop & prove that I am right. ..they grew silently the next 30 minutes, whenthey got there. He pulled in to the 1st fast food restraunt they could find. They both marched in up to the counter. He said  to the young lady working behind the counter.. My wife & i have been argueing the last 30 minutes..would you please tell us very slowly and very clearly How to pronounce the Name of this place. The young lady's eyes got very big. She leaned over the counter. B-u-r-g-e-r K-i-n-g.. giggles lol

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50'000.oo $ Humor Posted on Thu, Jun 24, 2010 08:32

Ok I heard about this man who was very stingy with his money.Just before his death,He made his wife promise, She would have him buried with the 50'000.oo$ he had saved. The wife reluntly agree. At the funeral,just before the closed the casket. She slipped in a small wooden box. Her friend said surely you just didnt bury the money did you? The wife said of course i did. I m a christian, I cant lie, I promised him i would do it. She said , you mean you just buried 50'000.oo $.

The Wife said Yes i did. I Wrote a Check  :) giggles lol

another Chapter inn my Life Posted on Wed, Jun 23, 2010 10:55

 I'm not Perfect,I'm Human,I have fallen Down in life. I don't have it all figured out..Weak&Defeated,Mistreated,Hurt,Heartbroken,..My Suffering/what I am going through/I don't understand/I cant take this anymore....Down, Doubt,Dissappointed,Discourage,Alone&Abandon.

It's Ok..God Wants me to be Open/Honest tell him Exactly what happend /why this situation happend/Why I treated that Person that way/Why this Person Tore my spirit into Shreds..

God is able to do EXceedingly, Abundtantly, & Beyond.

I have  a New Beginning.. I surrender /God is in Control

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The Elder Sisters.. Posted on Fri, May 14, 2010 12:52

ok there are 3 elder sisters.. 1..96yrs old, 1..94yrs old ..1..92yrs old.. they live all together..well one day.. the 96yr old was taking a bath.. she put her foot in the bath tub. holdierd at the middles sister... I can remember if i was gettin the tub or getting out.. the midddles sister says ... ok here i come up the stairs to help you... well the middle sister got half way up the stairs and couldnt remember was she going up or coming down.. so she hollierd at the young sister... I cant remember was i going up or coming down.. she said.. ok .. I know, i knock 3 times for good luck on the table... she knocked.. hollierd at the other 2 sisterss.BRB.. someone is knocking at the door.... giggles.. smiling beautifully at ya... i know it s silly.. ok brothers and sisters be safe and best wishes to ya'll on Bikermatch... Hugz... Dove eagle jennifer 

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Airline tickets Humor Posted on Tue, Jan 05, 2010 13:06
I heard about this man He was at the ticket counter..Hollering & screaming at the agent..being so rude,as he continued to rant & rave...the agent remained just as calm & polite as could be..She treated him with respect as if He didn't even bother her...He left and the Next man in line stepped up..said to the agent..WOW I am impressed. You must be a christian...How could you treat him so nice ...She smile and said OOHh it wasn't so hard......See He is going to Detroit....But His bags are goig to Bangkok!!!!gigggles...I know another silly one... It's all fun...JennJenn
Miss You all so much!!!Happy new year. Posted on Tue, Jan 05, 2010 12:58
I miss you all so very much.I am no longer a member and I miss all my friends.I wish you a happy new year to all... This year is going to be the year for prosperity,blessings,& happiness chasing us down...Wow I am so grateful I am so beautifully alive...I want to see all my journey of life has to offer.... May many showers of blessings miracles and gifts bless you all. Jennifer aka Dove Eage Jenniferr
A Promise Posted on Sat, Dec 26, 2009 16:38

Before My Husband Died, He made me  promise I would Find Love again. And I made that promise. But I didnt know it would be so live up to that promise. Today I reflect My Values. I cannot let TV value me, I cannot let the Computer Value Me. and I cannot let socializing value me. I must Value the TRUE Spirit within Me. Feeling the true Honest meaning,.... with going on, with my life.This moment Now in my life is time to Reflect. Love,joy,Peace and Happiness.....Dove Eagle Jennifer

Airplane Humor Posted on Sun, Dec 13, 2009 20:18

I heard about, these Passaengers, on the Airplane that was about take off. the announcement said. Welcome to the first totally automated commercial flight. This airplane has No Pilots. This airplane is completely controlled by the most advance computer available today. It has been tested and Retested. You have nothing to Worry about.Sit back...Enjoy the Flight, Enjoy the flight, Enjoy the flight.(computer stuck).. giggles,... yeah I know another silly one.

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Coffee Humor Posted on Fri, Dec 04, 2009 14:31

Well, there is this couple, that has been married for a long time. They both discussed¿ who would brew the coffee every morning. She said, that He was suppose to. He said, she was suppose too. Finally, The wife said, that she would prove it. The husband said Ok. So, she went to go get the bible ,and opened it up &¿turned to He-brews. and She told him, See there it says He-brews!!!¿From then on, the¿ coffee was¿made by the Husband, every morning. Giggles.:) I know it's silly:)

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Dove Eagle Jennifer's thoughts of life Posted on Sat, Nov 28, 2009 20:58

I like to be in the wind like a Dove Eagle Jennifer (freedom)


Spirituality comes first in my life (always)


Of course enjoying life every minute, hour, & days.


Being a Strong Woman & Knowing what I want


Facing Fears head on & Acomplishing a challenge



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