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Travel Tips Posted on Tue, Jul 17, 2007 21:29
Well i'm back from my ride to alaska (9009 miles in 22 days) and i have some travel tips to share with you all. 1. "Harleys are faster than a pissed off moose (aka antlers in mirror are closer than they appear)"- for you would be wild life photographers - dont try to take a pic of a baby moose, papa is hiding in the bushes and comes charging with bad intent. 2. "That wasnt a speed bump it was my sunglasses". if you cant find your sunglasses look in front of your back wheel. after you run them over pop the lens back in and wear them the rest of the trip. 3. "How to keep the bike going straight @ 75 mph when a bee flies up your sleeve and stings you". answer-with great difficulty 4. " taking care of your camera" - while cruising down I-94 i checked in the mirror to see a familiar looking black bag bouncing down the road trying to catch up with me. the camera still worked - i oughta do a kodak commercial. make sure you secure everything before kickstand up. 5. "financing your vacation" dont plan your vacation around using your discover card which is NO GOOD ANYWHERE IN CANADA !! 6. " The art of of talking to the police" as a long haired bearded biker no policemen has ever offered to take me home to meet his daughter. here is my conversation with a nevada state trouper: him: "why is your helmet tied on the back of your bike instead of on your head?" me: "Holy F*ck i crossed the border from idaho (no helmet law) to nevada (helmets required) i will put it on right now sir!: him: "you could be seriously injured yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah" me: (to myself) "save the lecture for some one who gives a sh*t" him: (mumbling as he walks away) "get outta my town you long haired biker trash" more to follow ....
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