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Posted on Jun 13, 2010 at 11:35 PM

I'll appreciate for any kind of bike pictures on the highway with name of country and few answers about below questions. I need to collect motorcycle photos on the highway for solid proof as much as I can get. South Korea is one of three countries in the world that prohibits any type of motorcycles on the highway. Until 1972, motorcycles had been ridden on any roads in the country. The totalitarian government at that time run by military criminals who took over the power 10 years ago made motorcycle prohibition law on high ways. In fact, there are about two million motorcyclists who ride for living or transportation or recreation. The government has completely ignored motorcyclists' right, even implemented systematic discrimination against motorcyclists. Due to these horrible circumstances, many innocent, especially young bikers become seriously injured or dead on traffic accidents. Question 1. How do you think if motorcycle is not allowed on the highway (express way) only because the authority believe in motorcycle is unsafe? Question 2. Insurance companies do not provide full coverage - Fire and Theft protection - for motorcycle owners because "it's motorcycle." Do you think it's acceptable? Question 3. The government agencies let people operate motorcycles without license nor insurance.

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