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Posted on Aug 01, 2006 at 09:11 AM

Well, at last I have found somewhere to air my annoyances. i am getting so fed up with the whole smoking ban thing and 'more people die from smoking' etc, especially as I feel that alcohol abuse is a far greater social proble around the world. I know I'm going to sound like some grumpy old fart but I feel that alcohol or rather the abuse there of creates far more problems and more people are affected by it - directly or indirectly. I mean, jsut think of it. How many men are accused of rape because the girl was too drunk to remember what actually happened? How many women are raped because they have made themselves vuneralbe by being too drunk too know what's going on? How many wives, kids, husbands or animals have been abused or killed because the parent/spouse/owner is drunk? How many innocent people are killed by drunk drivers - who seem to usually get away without a scratch? How many people end up in the gutter, or fighting for no reason due to alcohol? How many people have ended up down-and-outs with nothing in their lives due to alcohol? Now campare those figures to the figures with smokers involved. I am not against drinking at all. I enjoy the odd drink or 5 when I go out, but I never become so drunk that I don't know what's going on or become so uncoordinated and irresponsible. And, surprise surprise, I can still enjoy my evenings out. in fact I enjoy them more because I can actually hear the bands and remember whats going on and have a decent conversation. All I am saying is that people should be more responsible with their drinking. And the government should stop banning smoking all over the place. Aside from the facts that I stated earlier - there are so many pollutants in cities and towns that a few less smokers won't make a great deal of difference. People will still get cancer, people will still die. I don't agree with smoking in resteraunts though, but other than that, I think we are all looking at the wrong problem. The real social, and medical, problem is being encouraged. Ok that's it. I've got that off my chest and everyone will now think I'm a grumpy old fart in the anti-drinking brigade (as I said before), but I am not.

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