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Blog title: Mama’s Gotta Kool Ride
Blog description: Hi Ladies, how cool if daddy owned a bike shop. Purple’s kinda of a chick thing but this ride is bad ass. Long, low, lean, stretched with all frenched-in lights and frenched-in plates. Roy Chamberlin built this magenta baby for mama and she’s gotta very cool ride
My blog address: http://BikerKiss.com/blog/voodooman1
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WORST Valentines EVER! 272 Views 02/18/14

SEEING RED: Valentine’s Day 2014

Story and Photos: Koz Mraz


STORY W PHOTOShttp://www.bikernetbaggers.com/pages/SEEING_RED_Valentines_Day_2014.aspx

I have a new girlfriend, I have a new 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour and I have a plan.  I am going to impress new girlfriend with my moto/photo journalist prowess and whisk her away to my secret retreat. First, I suit girlfriend up in fashionable new leathers, jacket, vest and boots, she looks hot.  Secondly, I filled my iPod with her favorite music, endless Adel, Sade and Sarah McLaughlin. My plan was working. 


The crisp ocean air caresses us as we skirt the ocean south from L.A. to Cupids Castel.  I know the owner and she saves the hidden back cottage for me on Valentine’s Day.  This Fairytale bed and breakfast was opened in 2000 and the castle is ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries or a  valentines day getaway. It’s secluded in the middle of a lemon orchard and 400 year old oak trees. As we headed east on Hwy 76 into the Palomar mountains the elevation and temperatures rise.  It’s February 14th and normally in the 70s here but by the time we pass the Pala Casino it was 94 degrees, things were heating up. Arriving at this romantic destination, the small road to Cupids Castle weaves through a fairy grotto garden with little pond, chimes, fountains and flowers. We dismount and find it’s closed, the castle is locked and empty and my back cottage is abandoned, that’s not a good sign.

Girlfriend is not impressed; she’s sweating in her fancy new leathers and complains her thighs are burning from sitting legs spread for two hours.   Our fledgling relationship is heating up, she sheds her gear and demands I stow it. I remind her about motorcycle safety but girlfriend will have none of it, nor photos with her helmet hair.  Luckily for me the Lazy H Ranch Resort is only a mile down the road.

We grab a quiet little corner overlooking the pool and girlfriend orders a glass of wine and by the time the waiter comes for our order she’s on glass #2. (Its 12:00 am).   We enjoy the serenity until a boisterous family of 12 takes all the tables next to us…we move. Built in the 1920’s as a working ranch The Lazy H Ranch was converted to a  private membership resort and for a time was one of “the” popular gathering spots for celebrities who flew in on the resort’s landing field.  There’s an Oak tree growing through the bar! A Very retro-ranch-roadside-motel vibe going on here, I suggest that we stay, they do have a room available, she grimaces and orders another glass of wine.

I have a B-plan, I know the owner of the cottages at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. Built in 1927 is the only pier on the West Coast with bungalows right on the pier over the ocean.   He has a room, girlfriend seems mildly sedated, I mean elated.  Still refusing riding gear we hop on the Victory Cross Country Tour and head west. Another two hours later we arrive at the beach. It’s beautiful, the temperature is perfect and girlfriend is seeing red.  She hobbles off the bike in pain with leg cramps and she’s livid.  

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Midnight Rider on a Greveyars Run...Tomorrow at Irv Seavers 84 Views 10/18/13

Koz Mraz will be signing Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run, Thundertaker and his new book Piers of the West Coast: Travelled on Two Wheels tomorrow at Irv Seavers ib the City of Orange.



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What if you could hop on your bike and enjoy the open road with cast from FX’s hit show Sons of Anarchy, and then party with your friends at a Blackberry Smoke concert? That’s exactly what you can do on August 25, 2013 at the 3rd Annual Boot Ride and Rally benefiting our military heroes through the national nonprofit, The Boot Campaign.

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Calling all Southern California Motorcyclists! 89 Views 07/15/13

Calling all Southern California Motorcyclists!  We are filming for a big production music video for a rock band next Saturday, July 20 (San Diego Area) and Sunday, July 21 (LA Area) we need you to ride with us.  

Comment below "San Diego ", "LA" or "Both" if you are available.  Casting for the shoot will direct message you with details or email Let's Ride!  

These guys rock, checkem out on Youtube…be in their video! http://youtu.be/wQVbTG69AP0



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The Starting Gate in Los Alamitos 74 Views 09/16/11
BIKE NITE @ The Starting Gate is alive and well! EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6-9 Sponsored by QuickThrottle Magazine Right across from Los Alamitos Racetrack, you know where we are. Yes its 4 buck all you can eat Spaghetti and Garlic bread, yes its 5 buck Jack and 2 buck beer, 50/50, Raffles, Best Bike Trophies. Come by and let’s get the party started!
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Ten Tips to Riding a Trike 83 Views 08/08/11
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Twist-Her 123 Views 07/16/11
This is a one-of-a-kind engine, the builders switched the heads from front to back reversing the flow of everything which means hand crafting and manipulating the heads, ports and push rod geometry. http://community.motorcycleshows.com/_Twist-Her/blog/4875054/151420.html
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