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Posted on Apr 21, 2010 at 08:23 AM

"Time Warp" Electronic connections all over the place-moving us forward through time and through space. An e-mail here, a text message there, perhaps a quick blog to show them I care. So fast is the pace, we connect in the blink of an eye. We barely make time for our hellos and goodbyes. I long for your voice...'Hey are you there?' If we could just see each other, I would show you I care. Your call doesn't come but I won't bother you dear. You're far too busy to answer I fear. So time keeps on ticking, keeps on tricking my mind. I'm locked in a time warp-no escape can I find. Days fly by in slow motion when I'm thinking of you; each moment is pain that I cannot relieve...unless you hold my hand in yours and grant my reprieve. DD 4/21/10

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