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Fun reckless,mid-age long hair exhippy (but still some in me) not wanting to own can share have all the M or F friends you want .I just want a certain Lady(cpl?) to have fun with YOUR way. Life is short so lets get all we can out of it...toyboy97

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I like him (you say) He's blunt/honest Posted on Thu, Oct 06, 2011 13:51

what to say has for the most been said in my profile but don't let that scare you. I might be dreaming of a fantasy that SHE won't admit....says Yours4?? I got myself to the age where "to hell with" JI'm going where SHE wants us to be. and have it her way. Michael(Denver,Co)

720-570-2081 I get off doing what SHE likes me doing for her...She is always happy that way,near her feet looking up for words of things to do.