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sturgis bound.. finally!! Posted on Jul 30, 2007 at 06:52 AM
I almost am afraid to write this... for fear plans will change, yet again... but... it looks like we are sturgis bound! First time for both of us... There is a group of 10 couples heading out from our city and we are going with them. We will arrive on the 5th, and likely stay till the end of the rally. I would love to meet up with some of you on BK. Has there been anything planned? I suppose I could wade through all the blogs and forum posts.. but... I am too damn lazy! LOL Ride safe, and looking forward to... whatever:))
I just hafta!! Posted on Jun 06, 2007 at 07:36 AM
Every once in a while.. a joke comes along that is soooo silly... it just catches ya at the right moment... A lady motorist was driving along, yakking on her cell phone, when all of a sudden she rammed into another car... the driver of the other vehicle being a dwarf. She rolled down her window as he approached her vehicle. With a scowl on his face, he looked up at her and said, "I am NOT happy!!!!". She replied, "So which one are ya then?" heheh
2 steppin' Posted on May 26, 2007 at 09:18 AM
You know.... Learning to transition from a wannabe to an "I AM!" is friggin hard work!! The riding part is easy... its all the shit that happens in the middle thats hard to deal with:) For those of you that dont know.. I recently had some changes made to OPAL (my bike). I had a custom seat, some bags, and new drag pipes put on. I had the carb rejetted so that now, she actually sounds as tough as I wanna be:)) Anyway... I didnt count on having to learn physics when considering making changes to her. Apparently, pipe position x leg length over thickness of clothing = burn and ruined pipes! Sigh... I picked OPAL up on a cold day, so I had to wear my leathers. When I got home, I stood back to admire her new look, and I noticed all this black gunk on the brand new pipes. It took me a moment to realize that it was from my chaps!! Unbelievable, I thought. Well.. it came off easy enough with some goo-gone. I figured I was going to have to be extra careful about how I positioned that right leg. The next day, I decided that despite the rain, I needed to go out and clear my head. I put on the 300 dollar rainsuit that I bought in preparation for that trip I didnt take, and while I was riding down the rode.. enjoying the feeling of the rain smacking down on my face, I smelled the horrible stench of burning nylon, (or whatever the hell they are made of). I looked down, and realized my rainpants were on fire. No flames... but stuck like glue to my pipes! The mess it made on my new wetdreamz pipes was not to be believed!! I just cant win, it seems. I came home and did a google search on how to get burned rainsuit off hot pipes, and I got many many hits, which made me feel good, cause I knew then that I wasnt the only one:) Easy Off oven spray works like a charm (mind you I had to use damn near a whole can to get them clean). So.. cleaning off my pipes is a daily occurance when I wear my chaps, as they rub up against my pipes no matter what I do. Seems my legs are too short, or the pipes are too high. Who knew!!! You live and learn, I guess. As for my rainsuit? Sigh....
Guess I'm just a biker wannabe at heart! Posted on May 23, 2007 at 01:52 PM
Ok.... Dare I admit defeat! A new female friend (you know who you are) encouraged me to do some blogging.. so here goes. It's difficult when you feel as though you are riding upstream all the time. I say this with respect to my passion for riding, and my living with a spouse who enjoys it as a weekend passtime. He does not understand the need for me to experience the open rode, or to get down and dirty with my bike, if you know what i mean. So.. my trip to Washington became the subject of much discussion and controversy amongst the upperclass suburbanites which make up my family and circle of friends. Its frustrating not to know any biker types. Its even more frustrating to know that your spouse doesnt share the passion. Anyway..... my upcoming trip did NOT sit well with him. He felt I MUST be going there to meet another man. After all.. what else would drive a woman in her 50s, who has two children and a husband at home, to ride 5000 km for a two day rally??? Trust is a huge issue between us. So...... I did not go. We compromised, and I decided to go to Minneapolis instead. I know people out that way, who were gracious enough to ride into the city with me. Hubby doesnt think I know anyone there, plus, it is only 8 hours from me.. so he was ok with that one;) So... I packed up my bags... loaded down my bike, and decided to head out on Monday. The weather forecast was bleak... it called for thunderstorms, and hail... with tornado watches moving towards the south (where I was heading). But it was a nice day so I was determined. Finally, finally, I left at 6:00 pm. It was partially sunny.... and I thought I could at least make it to Grand Forks by night fall. I would stay the night there, and head out to MN in the early morning. I started riding.... got about 45 miles out of the city, when it occured to me that I dont think I should be heading towards Brandon! At least.. I never remembered seeing Brandon on the way to Grand Forks before. But then.. I am not good with directions, and I never really bothered to look. And the last time I rode out there, I was following a friend in her car. So... I pulled off to the side of the highway, and called home. I said to hubby.. "Dont laugh, or I will KILL YOU.. but.... am I supposed to be heading towards Brandon???" lol. Needless to say.. I took the wrong road out. Oh, Pembina Hwy.. not Portage. So... I turned around.... 45 miles back to the perimeter... and ended up taking the wrong turnoff so that I had to start pretty much from square one. But.. I was determined! I finally made it back to Pembina Hwy.. and headed south towards the outskirts of town. Oh yes.. I remember now... Morris, Emerson... the US border. I thought I best fill up with gas before I get too far. I was still in the process of figuring out the mileage on my new bobber tank. I was up to 230 km so I figured I would need to fill up soon. I saw a gas station coming up. I was about to turn right into the gas station, when an *&^hole did a lane change and came up behind me so quickly that had I turned into the gas station, he woulda hit me, or so I thought. So.. I decided I would try to drive into the gas station through the exit. The crazy man turned into the entrance. Well... I didnt make the sharp turn in, and I dropped my bike! I was pissed off!!! Bloody Pissed OFF!! I picked her up... walked her down to the road a bit so I was outta the way for people who wanted to leave the gas station. I waited a few minutes till I got my breath back. And then I tried to mount my bike. Problem is... I was on the right of my bike... and the stand was on the left. I couldnt lift my leg up over the luggage, so I couldnt mount my bike!! I was trying to figure out how to move to the left of the bike so I could put the stand on, and get on the bike properly. And there was NO WAY I was going to call anyone over to help me. How embarrassing!! I finally decided to step onto the curb, which gave me the few extra inches in height that I needed to be able to swing my leg over the luggage, and mount my bike. I started her up, and got the hell outta there, hoping that no one was watching that whole fiasco. Now... I am out of town, yet again. It is about 8:30 pm, and it is starting to get dark. But I am determined. I figure I will make it to Grand Forks by 10 pm. Still doable. I ride another 30 or so miles, and it occurs to me that I am gonna run out of gas. There is nothing coming up that I can see. I have no idea how much longer I am gonna have. Well... being a believer in signs, I figured I have had 3 of them already.. so I decided I had better swallow my pride and head back home. I had to flip the petcock but I did manage to get to a gas station before running dry. I rode back into the city, and decided to stop for a bite to eat at a local diner. I sat there... in my leathers and bandana... my bike loaded up. And as I ate my chicken wings, I prayed to God that no one asked me where this weary traveller was coming from. How could I tell them that this tough looking biker chick couldnt even find her way to get outta the God damned city!!!!! I came home.... feeling totally defeated. I ended up sleeping the entire day away the next day. I guess all the emotions got the better of me. Everyone here says they were very glad I didnt go. And.. as it happens, it has been pouring like crazy since my return, with no plans of letting up. So.. I guess it just wasnt meant to be. But I wont give up. I dont wanna be a wannabe! I WILL take that roadtrip.. even if it kills me:)
Rolling Thunder, anyone?????? Posted on May 10, 2007 at 07:57 PM
They call me crazy.. but I gotta do it. I have been invited down to Washington for the rolling thunder rally, and I am gonna pack up my sporty and head down. Its about 2500 k from winnipeg, and I plan to go down through ND, MN, IL, Wisconsin... take the I 90. Anyway, this is my first long distance ride... I am sooo looking forward to it. I am goin it alone, and would love to hook up with people along the way. So... if anyone is heading out that way, and have room for another rider amongst you, please give me a holler. :)