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Posted on Apr 30, 2006 at 10:11 PM

Well, it has to get better from here... I hope everyone had a better weekend than I did! Friday night I left my job, only to realize that I had ingested something @ work that gave me food poisoning. I was insanely sick from late Friday though Saturday afternoon...nonstop, violent bouts of vomiting. I had to blow off work Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (I'm only working weekends now, so that hurt bigtime financially). THEN Saturday night I hit the supermarket to see if I could find something to soothe my tummy & ease my raging headache, and no sooner did I walk in the dooor .... BAM! I slipped in a puddle, falling on my ass, landing hard on my wrist and throwing my neck and back out. To add insult to injury, some jackass called the sheriff's dept., and blatently lied to them, telling them that my bike and car (which I park on the street, covered, registered, insured & parked legally) were abandoned. So today I started to move my car (a cherry classic vw convertible beetle) to my friend's house, and it breaks down less than a 1/4 mile away! I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for Monday!!!!! I REALLY need a hug!

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