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White House Problem Posted on May 26, 2010 at 10:47 AM
When the present family occupying it gets throwed out in two years what's going to happen to it, do we have a landlord keeping an eye on it so they don't wreck it too badly?
Happy Mother's Day Posted on May 09, 2010 at 07:37 AM
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Sweet lil ole Lady........ Posted on Apr 30, 2010 at 05:23 AM
Stopped at the neighborhood grill the other day after a days ride and sat at the bar, a sweet lil ole lady in her 70's was two stools away. Took my jacket off and she said "Nice Harley", I replied with a "thanks maa'm, you like riding?" she answer's with a "Yes, I used to back in my younger day." I ordered my food then she say's "I saw a harley in the strangest place yesterday", then sat there confused look, I replied "Where was that?", she took a minute to think about it as if she was trying to remember then come back with................................................................................. "The Library".........
Bacha Bazi Posted on Apr 22, 2010 at 05:43 AM
Today I have new feelings toward Afghanistan and it's leaders after seeing a late night program about what they love to do. The last thing I thought of when I heard the term "Warlord" was sodomizing teen and preeteen boys for a hobby, similar to Americans liking nascar or bass fishing to pass the time of day.... Powerful warlords, former military commanders and wealthy businessmen kidnap, rent, or buy boys off the street young as six or seven years old and train them for years to play music and dance like strippers wearing make up dressed like girls in public and private partys. The Warlord's keep the most feminine best dancing young boy as his personal bitch and only allows his best friends to see him dance, the others earn him money pimping them out to others. Many government officials, military and policemen do this thing, it's illegal but they turn their backs on it. "They clearly believe that nothing they are doing is wrong"... "I had a boy because every commander had a partner," ... "Among the commanders there is competition, and if I didn't have one, then I could not compete with them."... "Some boys are not good for dancing, and they will be used for other purposes. ... I mean for sodomy and other sexual activities."... "If they stray, they get killed," says a 13-year-old dancing boy. "Sometimes fighting happens among the men who own the boys. If you don't please them, they beat you, and people get killed." The Taliban instantly and brutally brought this to a stop when they took control, thanks to our American Forces defeating the Taliban this is now coming back and popular again. To see more or watch the episode click the link below. If that don't turn your stomach bad enough type bacha bazi in your addy bar and do a search, many pages will come up about it. I follow news and current events quite alot, how this has evaded me I'll never know. SICK! "Bacha Bazi" to Afghanistan is what the term "Bear" is to Americans, sodomizing anal sex faggot bastards.
Parents of Slain Navy Seal meet men who recovered sons body. Posted on Apr 17, 2010 at 07:44 AM
Posted April 16, 2010 at 5:06 p.m. The American military likes to say it will leave no one behind on the battlefield. On Friday, some of the men who endeavor to make the statement true, even at the risk of their lives, met at the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum with the mother and father of one of the men whose body they recovered in a hostile valley in Afghanistan. “I don’t know how to describe meeting the men who risked their lives to bring out my son,” said Corky Axelson, 65, of Cupertino, Calif. “They are normal Americans but very special men.” Axelson and his wife, Donna, came to Florida to visit the museum and the men who recovered their son’s body. “This is the one time we have ever been able to do this — meeting with the family of someone we have brought out,” said Tech. Sgt. Brian Boyce of the 301st Rescue Squadron, based at Patrick Air Force Base. “We have flown a lot of medical missions and that usually means someone is having a very bad time, but this was a very good day meeting everyone involved. It gives us closure.” Matthew Axelson, 29, was one of four Navy SEALs taking part in Operation Red Wing, a secret mission in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, head of an insurgent group known as the “Mountain Tigers.” The SEAL unit was betrayed to the Taliban, which attacked with a force of more than 40 men. Only one SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, survived. The team leader, Lt. Michael Murphy, won the Medal of Honor, Axelson, Luttrell and Danny Dietz were awarded the Navy Cross, the second-highest Navy combat award. Luttrell was saved by friendly tribal leaders, who told the Americans where they were hiding him from the Taliban. The effort to rescue Luttrell and the other three became the largest rescue operation conducted since Vietnam. Nineteen Americans were killed, one wounded and a Chinook helicopter was shot down during the search, rescue and recovery operation. Luttrell and the bodies of Dietz and Murphy were brought out almost immediately. It was 10 days of dangerous searching before Axelson’s body was found almost a mile from the original battle site. The site was 7,500 feet up in the mountains, posing a problem for fuel and weight. The crew refused to leave the area until they found Axelson, and to continue the search, they stripped the helicopters of weapons, ammunition, armor plate, even their own body armor, said Col. Kurt Matthews, who was pilot on the mission. Eventually, tribesmen brought them to where Axelson had died. Tech. Sgt. Dan Murray, a para-rescue man, went out and brought Axelson’s body in. The men told the Axelsons that before their son’s body was flown out of Afghanistan, they pinned an American flag they had carried to his body bag, which was then carried to a waiting plane through military men and women standing shoulder-to-shoulder along a mile of roadway at the air base. Friday’s meeting came about because Master Sgt. Brian Wells found Donna Axelson on the Internet. When she told him she and her husband were coming to Florida to visit friends and the SEAL Museum, he arranged with his wing commander, Col. Curt Matthews, to fly the crew down for the meeting. The Navy Seal Museum is located at 3300 North A1A, North Hutchinson Island - Fort Pierce, Florida 34949 and has a site to see for pics at ...navysealmuseum... Excellent place to ride and spend the day
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AZ. Multi bike Crash Posted on Apr 05, 2010 at 07:06 AM
Have followed this from the beginning and have not yet seen a cause of the accident, why the dump truck failed to stop. If anyone see's an update from the investigation please let me know.
Winter Olympics............. Posted on Feb 27, 2010 at 03:29 AM
It's about the most boring thing on tv. I have some suggestions to make it more worthy. 1. Men's figure skating .......... banned. 2. That stupid thing with the handle they roll into a circle that has the guys yelling with brooms in front of it ........ banned. 3. Bobsled Racing, some room for improvement, line them all up at once and turn them loose like a MotoCross race to the first corner and make the track wide enough for three or four sleds. 4. WOMEN'S FIGURE SKATING ....... Since they are already half naked and judged on their good looks and body's let them wear thongs, G-Strings and stuff ............. Whachya think?.............
Ever do a Lime Run? Posted on Feb 07, 2010 at 06:09 AM
If you live in an area with plenty back roads, light traffic, this is a must do someday. Good for a Club Event and or Fund Raiser. Them little brown grocery store bags, fill about a hundred of them with white lime. Lay out a course, beginning, end where you can gather for a party / picnic / bbq. You need a car with an odometer and a six pack of cold beer. You need a bike with an odometer to participate effectively. Each entry gets a sealed envelope with a phone number to call if they get lost. Ride can be any length, 50 - 75 miles is a fun half day event. Alternative to bags is the night before use a can of white spray paint to mark the road each mile. The car leaves ten minutes ahead of the first bike, bikes leave at 30 second intervals. Throw down a lime bag every mile in the middle of the road, at each intersection and side street, one bag. The biker has three choices at each intersection, right, straight, left. If you go one mile and don't see a lime bag you gotta come back to the intersection and try again, same goes with a side street. Got the idea? As you can see it can get fun, just bare in mind the bikers are going to be doing U-Turns so choose an area away from interstates and high volume traffic. The winner can be judged by least amount of miles, best time, nicest set of Booby'z, whatever it's all fun. Alot of potential here.
Battery Posted on Jan 25, 2010 at 05:30 AM
Is your battery weak? Read the owners manual "Charging System" section to see what rpm's the alternator charges at, if it don't tell you try a simple experiment. Connect a digital voltmeter to your battery terminals start the engine and read the voltage at an idle, some motors will read 12.5 idling, it is not charging. Slowly bring the rpm's up until the volt meter reads 14 + volt's, thats where it charges. Some folks don't drive enough or use sufficient rpm's to maintain a healthy battery. Remember, idling and slow speeds with the lights on is a big drain on the entire system and looking for trouble drawing too many amps.
Proud Or Not? Posted on Jan 13, 2010 at 02:42 AM
Baby pics are cool we all have them of our self and kids, they are to be shared and loved for eternity with our family and friends. Some folks have at least one baby "Rump Photo" laying around someplace they kept for one reason or another. Baby pics are special and usually done in good taste like wedding pics using filters and special effects to enhance their beauty. With todays technology and numorous editing techniques starting at the camera every thing you do with a pic gives you the opportunity to edit it countless ways, the most common and easiest being "Cropping" to remove unwanted details. If for some reason you was to take a full body pic of your son laying on his back right after birth with ambilical cord still attached showing his Private Parts would you show that pic as is to family and close friends? If you took another pic the next day giving your son a bath elevating his butt enough to show his private parts sticking out of the water, again without using numorous opportunitys to crop these private parts out of view, would you show that pic to your family and closest friends? If you was on an Adult Biker Site that has full nudity pics of people doing everything imaginable, would you change your profile to private and post these baby pics so only your family and couple hundred online friends, mostly of which you don't even know, again without cropping the private parts out? After making your profile private to control who see's these pics would you then post and delete them throughout the blogs for fun so everyone in the world can see them, again without cropping the private parts out of view? Imagine someone writing about his woman using a strap-on with him and them both doing drugs throughout her pregnancy, being impotant and not knowing who the dad is, having a Dungeon in the basement and choosing not to marry with two children in the house now for obvious financial gain reasons. If you saw someone do this would you think he was exploiting Child Porn or just another typical proud dad showing baby pics?
Tail of the Dragon...... Posted on Jan 11, 2010 at 08:55 AM
Do you go there? If so what's your favorite places and roads? They have a great informative site with the latest info, places to go and see, weather, lots of good stuff,
Dollar A Day Posted on Jan 08, 2010 at 11:56 PM
Is there any "Gold Members" these days? Years ago if I remember correctly you had three choices, free, silver @ $3.99, and gold @ $9.99. Time passed the silver disappeared and raised the gold to a buck a day, many folks panicked and left for other sites. I kept my 9.99 gold for many years but the privaledges got stripped little by little till I ended it. It was a very popular site back then, I wonder how the ratio has worked out by raising membership and loosing active members. It could become popular again by easing things a bit.
Lady's, if your man said... Posted on Dec 31, 2009 at 12:10 AM
I want you to use a Strap On and nail me, would you... Think that he was cute? Think he was gay? Shoot him and dial 911? OR, use this moment for revenge?
Happy Monday! Posted on Jan 26, 2009 at 09:51 AM
Gotta love South Florida, when fifty degree's is too cold to go riding does that make me spoiled?. ............. lol.
Harley Dragon/Dakota Blu Posted on Jul 11, 2008 at 04:59 PM
Have searched the world over and cannot find you Where's Grandpa Dragsta and my favorite Queen Blu.
I dunno Posted on Jun 21, 2007 at 04:18 AM
I don't get this blog thing, years ago before this place slowed down to a snails pace we used to use the bulliten board, thought I would check it out today and for the first time in a year or better things seem to be working again........shall see. Don't know where this is gonna go when I click, here goes.