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can u really find that someone in the cyberworld Posted on Mon, Aug 07, 2006 13:08
first off thx for all the great comments i recieved from my last 2 blogs, now let me ask this one can u really find that someone special on this box, after u have been hurt so bad can u really trust again do u open urself up hoping that u don't get smacked down again ....even knowing that if u don't u will live a lonely life, i have so much to give that special someone(if ur thinking money forget it) that i have a feeling i am doomed to get hurt over and over again...and how do u tell someone that they don't do a thing for u nicely and not tromp on there feelings....since my first wife passsed on a couple of months ago and i've been separeted from this on for a while so much crap has been going thru my head, i do miss having a back seat and always feeing like the 5th wheel but most of my friend understand........i need a live to ride and ride to live
what makes a woman tick? Posted on Sat, Jul 29, 2006 04:24
can someone help me understand u women, just got out of a marriage to someone who i did everything for cuz i loved her , housework , yardwork, hell i even kept her van clean and up to date maintenance wise, gave her all the intimate time she ask for . did whatever she wanted or needed in bed(althought i didn't get it back)didn't go bar hopin or nothin so WTF
why is it so hard to stay in a relationship with one person Posted on Wed, May 24, 2006 15:49
thats all i want to know i gave my wife everything she wanted most of the time, and for that i got a hand shake and see ya later bub... i treated her like a queen even her kids, i was the dad they never had... r there any good women out there who can love one man and be there for each other anytime of the day