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Blog title: Oh my God! I have too many demands for 1 man
Blog description: So I try to prioritize: #1 hansome no wait #1 spiritual no wait #1 tall no wait #1 funny OK #2 smart no wait that should be #1
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its complicated Posted on Mon, Apr 10, 2017 00:00

everybody has exs i just happen to live with 1

this is not the 1st time 

i have done it sucessfully once b4 but that was after th fact

this time its concurrent

that does not mean i would entertain a man here 

it means i would try to be discreet

it means i would not try to rub his face in it even though i dont care for him anymore

some times u have to go with the flow

i am very clear that i have it good in many way other than romance and love

if i were to become serious it would b a long time b4 i would throw this away

having household needs met is a very important thing and

i would want a guy i date to understand this and keep it discreet or

they r not my guy

this is what i call up front and not necessarily telling the whole true the whole truth

and nothing but the truth but

not starting trouble either


Add your Riding Defence Posted on Sun, Dec 28, 2008 00:00
I try to ride like they're out to kill me...because I might not survive a head-on collision with a dog.