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Umphy love, whats yours called ;-) 168 Views 03/09/07
After being on this web site for a while now and meeting some great friends, a question comes to hand. Very simple and quite funny in some cases. As most riders love their bikes to bits, and would never think of parting with them, and even some would like to take them to bed. wrestling match i feel. Whats yours called and even why call it that. So i call my bike Umphy as he gets the hump and solks, and the last few letters in the name of triumph with the ending y as a warm feeling of a hug. Even some of my friends call their bikes names, like mel called hers Baby as you will see on my profile, baby was a total wreck that came out of a crusher.looked so sad, hence baby need lots of love. to bring her back to life, That and Little dukey RIP due to a bad encounter with a lorry. gutted when the last client bought him. then one week later phoned saying, hes totaled, broke my heart.(Ducati 996) Post your lost love or recent lovers name and why.
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