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Blog title: Heather's Rants
Blog description: The Random Ramblings of a Raccous Rider
My blog address: http://BikerKiss.com/blog/outdoorsinde
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Hey Folks 12 Views 04/19/06
Hello Everyone, a friend of mine suggested this site to me, so here I am :) Just thought I'd say hello. So... "Hi!" I currently commute 130 miles/day on my piglet, and try to ride for fun at least once every weekend. I'm learning about motorcycle maintenance with my project bike a 1983 Yamaha 650. Currently the carbs are in a box, the clutch cable is seized and disconnected, and the gas tank is rusted out so badly it will need to be welded! Woo Hoo! I know what all that means too! Oh, and I'm a goofball :)
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